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  • Ouya Starts Shipping: Details Here
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Back in January, I covered a Kickstarter {{http://game-stick-console.articles.r-tt.com/|project}} by the name of Ouya. This gaming console promised to be cheaper than its competitors, but offer users a great gaming experience. Today, Ouya consoles have started shipping out to backers. The console is set to hit store shelves by June 4th.

One of the reasons Ouya received so much backing was that this console will retail for just $99. The other reason is that Ouya promises to be a cross between a mobile gaming platform and a living room console. The development team behind Ouya did a great job marketing the project when it was in Kickstarter development, and now the console has finally come to fruition.

First Reactions: Underwhelmed

Those who backed the project and have a Ouya console to play around with have been reporting some underwhelming design results. The console looks like other consoles with an aluminium cover and a smooth black surface. But, the console also feels every bit that $99 price tag when handled. Of course, this is to be expected -- where else would the company cut costs?

Software-wise, Ouya has told backers that the console's software will be updated as reviews pour in. As users determine what needs to be tweaked, Ouya's development team will work on those issues. Some are finding the simple "Make," "Manage," "Discover," and "Play" buttons largely confusing and not adaptable to gaming. The console does sport a large screen and a controller that many are finding easy to handle. In the end, though, it will be all about the games.

Ouya Game Offerings

The Ouya team has brought in a number of well-known gaming developers to work out some stellar game options. Additionally, users will have access to a variety of indie games and the company promises some popular titles that have been built specifically for this console. Right now, most of the available games are mobile-like games that have limited graphics and options.

Currently, there are around 60 different titles available for the Ouya console. While this pales in comparison to the titles in some app stores, it's a decent start for a small gaming startup. Since Ouya just started shipping to backers (and later to buyers), it's only fair to give the console a real change. As soon as this company begins perfecting the console, things are bound to improve.

The Future of Ouya

The Ouya team is desperately trying to break into the living room console market, and this is going to be tough. But, the Ouya console is clearly not just another stab at providing people with access to Android games, and it's not just another piece of the same old hardware. This is a different type of console that's backed by a great idea -- and plenty of gamer dollars.

As mentioned, the Ouya console should be ready to ship by June 4th of this year. That means that you can get your hands on this affordable console in just a few months. At $99, the Ouya is accessible to almost every gamer.