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  • The Panasonic Eluga Phone
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Panasonic has come up with a very slick-looking phone that has just debuted in Japan (for photos, check out Panasonic’s main mobile site). The Panasonic Eluga is packed in a sleek silver shell, weights merely 3.6 ounces, and it really something nice to look at. As many reviewers have already stated, Panasonic hasn’t given this lovely phone a great name, but Eluga is the name that Panasonic’s sticking with, so it’s best to get used to it. Bad names aside, the Eluga will be hitting North American shelves sometime in the near future (no real date set yet), and it will certainly turns heads when it does arrive.

Some Nice Features

The Eluga (Android) comes with a 4.3-inch screen and a shell that’s unlike any other on the current market. What’s so special about the Eluga shell? Panasonic has recognized a big problem in the current cellphone market: most phones are not waterproof, yet many people spill water on their phones. The result of spilled water on a phone is, of course, a ruined phone. Taking this problem in-hand, Panasonic has created a waterproof and dustproof shell for the Eluga.

Now, you can’t drop your new Eluga in a puddle of water and expect it to keep working. However, you can sprinkle a bit of water (as in snow or light rain) on your phone, and your Eluga should keep working. Details of exactly how water and dustproof this phone is will surface soon, but the fact that this phone won’t be ruined by water or dust is sure to be a strong selling point.

A Different North American Version Might Surface

There are some rumors that Panasonic is developing a phone that looks just like the Silver Japan-released Eluga for the North American market. Only, the North American version is said to come in a dark shade of purple. Panasonic hasn’t confirmed this rumor yet, but it will be interesting if this rumor does pan out. After all, most manufacturers selling phones in Japan tend to sell Japanese consumers the brightest phones available. Panasonic is certainly going out on a limb by selling a silver phone that looks nothing like a phone that might have come from an Anime cartoon (might Panasonic be tapping into an untapped market here? Possibly).

Connection to Your Panasonic TV Too

A phone made by an electronics giant such as Panasonic wouldn’t be compete without some kind of Panasonic device connection. The Eluga will, in fact, connect to various Panasonic devices in some manner. Exactly how this will happen is currently unknown, but you can expect to be able to control various Panasonic devices using your Eluga once the Eluga (or a phone like it) arrives on the North American scene. For now, we can sit back and marvel at the way the Eluga looks, and we can also hope that this phone does well enough in Japan (which, I’m sure that it will!) that Panasonic brings it to North American shelves (yes, it’s that pretty!).