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  • The Split Earbuds: Completely Unique
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Every once in a while, a Kickstarter project catches my attention. This is the case with the Split earbuds. Greenwing Audio has devised earbuds that don't rely on any cords to function. That's right, these earbuds get rid of cords completely - and that means getting rid of tangled messes.

How the Split Earbuds Work

It's somewhat safe to say that the Split earbuds are more than earbuds. In some ways, these are miniature music players that can be placed inside of your ears. You don't need any kind of a cord to use these earbuds - and you don't need Bluetooth. The Split earbuds use another type of technology altogether.

Inside each Split earbud is a crystal clock. That means that these earbuds are, essentially, small music players. You can change music and play around with settings inside of the Split earbuds by using something the company calls 'bite clicks.' To understand this, you'll have to take a look at the company's Kickstarter page.

Is There A Market?

Imagine a world where you can listen to your music freely without worrying about cords, or worrying that you may get tangled up in cords. If you've ever listened to music while wearing a scarf or trying to hang a bag around your neck, you probably understand the appeal of the new Split earbuds. Plus, this company has a huge market with people that don't dig Bluetooth or aren't into WiFi radiation issues.

The Split earbuds are the first of their kind, but their technology is soon to be copied, I'm sure. There does seem to be a huge market out there for earbuds that don't come with any cords attached. This means that a lot of people will want what Split is offering.

Where Can You Get Yours?

If you love the idea of Split, you can pledge an amount on the company's Kickstarter page, and get your own pair of Split earbuds. The company is seeking to gain $435K to make this project happen, though, and that's a lot of dough. Keep in mind with Kickstarter projects, you may not get the product if the company can't reach the proposed monetary goal. So, that's something to think about before you pledge.

Regardless, Split is a novel idea - and one that many people will enjoy. If you're tired of wires and don't trust Bluetooth, the Split earbuds will make sure that your music plays smoothly without any concern about cords or radiation. Is that something that you can get behind? If it is, make sure to pledge to Split. That's how these company get funded, after all!

Do you see a need for earbuds that don't come with wires or WiFi? Do you like what Split seems to offer? Right now, there aren't any other earbuds on the market that compare to the technology Split has created (though that's partly because it's an expensive technology), but if this venture works out, you'll be seeing a lot more in-ear music players shaped like earbuds.