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  • The Stack Printer: Unique
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It's amazing just how much printers haven't changed over the last ten years, isn't it? You would think will all of the technology on the market, that printer manufacturers would have caught up by now. Not so much. But, there is one man that has a brand new approach to printing things, and that man is named Mugi Yamamoto.

Yamamoto has created a desktop type of printer that doesn't work by loading paper into it. Instead, this printer sits on top of a stack of paper, and uses the paper as projects are printed - from underneath the printer. It's really something that has to be seen in order to be believed.

Stack: The Printer

Yamamoto has named his printer 'Stack,' and it all started off as a university graduation project. Now, Yamamoto is working on perfecting his creation. Once that's done, he aims to sell it to a consumer audience. All users have to do is put a stack of paper underneath the printer, and the printer eats pages as projects are printed.

Seemingly, users would have to find some way to keep really large stacks of paper neat enough for Stack to eat through, but I'm guessing that will be a problem Yamamoto will work out soon enough. This inventor has already created a working prototype, and the Stack printers seems to be making its way towards the investment stage. Might we see the Stack printer on a crowdfunding site soon? Possibly. For now, though, Stack remains a prototype.

Other Interesting Printers

If you are in the market for a really interesting printer, you may not find something quite like Stack. But, you might find something that's clever in its own right. You can also check out some of the 3D printers that are on the market. You may also find that some eco-friendly printers do the trick.

Really, though, most printers look like they did ages ago, only with a lot less bulk. Hopefully, the new Stack printer will make it to market, and we can get rid of that same old printer design. Wouldn't that be nice? There's no word yet when the new Stack printer will debut, but it does seem like there are still quite a few kinks to iron out before this printer goes viral.

The Appeal

What is the appeal of a printer that looks and acts differently anyway? If a printer's major function is to print stuff, does it really matter what it looks like? Well, in some ways it does. If everything else in the tech world is evolving, why not printers? That seems to make a good deal of sense, right?

On the flip side, most people and companies are doing away with printers altogether now. Also, 3D printers are starting to take over the market, so people are more focused on that area of the printer world. It doesn't seem likely that printer manufacturers will be paying attention to design anytime soon, though one man is, at least.