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  • The Yota Phone Is Two-Faced
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Be on the lookout for a new company out of Russia called Yota Device's. Yota has just released a smartphone design that you've never seen before, and this design could be the next big breakthrough that the smartphone world has been craving.

What's the fuss all about? The Yota phone is kind of two-faced.

A Dual-Screen Phone

One one side of the Yota smartphone is a high-quality Android screen/device. If you flip the phone over, you'll see an Eink display. Why? Yota developers believe that most smartphone users want a second screen that can do more than what the fist screen is doing.

The eInk screen portion of the Yota phone can display an interactive app; a mirror image of what the first screen is showing; or display something like a map. Why would you want a phone that has two screens? Aside from having more of a good thing, the Yota phone extends battery life by leaps and bounds.

A Great Battery Solution

The Yota phone's Eink display consumes far less battery power than the front display (or any regular smartphone screen). So, you can transfer information that you're viewing on the front of the phone to the back of the phone (how cool is that?) in order to save some battery juice. Or, you can simply use the back of the phone to view something that doesn't require full colour.

Yota Device's wants to create a set of apps that are available just for the Yota phone. The company is hoping to go against major competitors like Apple, and break into European (and other) markets. So far, Yota has managed to snag a few thousand pre-sales (mostly in Russia), so there is some definite interest in this new smartphone design.

Additional Specs and Info

The Yota phone isn't cheap, though. The phone will sell for 499 Euros in Russia, Austria, Germany, and Spain first (roughly $600), and then the phone will be sold in additional markets.

Front screen specs: 4.3-inch LCD screen
Back screen specs: 4.3-inch Eink screen

Camera: 12 Megapixel (back bottom location) and a 1.3 Megapixel front-facing camera is also included.

The Yota Phone is expected to go on sale today, so if you live in any of the aforementioned countries, you can scoop up one of these phones nearby. This is the first smartphone to include two screens, and it might be a design that companies like Apple will pay close attention to.

Possible Drawbacks

I love the idea of a battery-saving screen. What I'm not too sure about is the concept of two screens. Seemingly, this phone will break into a million pieces when dropped, since there's no real way to protect that back screen (unless you add and remove a case regularly). Maybe Yota will make a specialized case to go with the phone?

Regardless, the Yoga phone is one of a kind. When, and if, the phone comes to North America, will you buy one? Or, is this a new design that really doesn't have a place on the smartphone market?