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  • The Logitech Case+ Really Has Everything for Your iPhone 5
Technology Articles > Cell Phones > iPhone > The Logitech Case+ Really Has Everything for Your iPhone 5

Are all-in-one phone cases the next thing? That’s the direction that Logitech is headed in, at least with the Logitech Case+.

The Case+ is a case for your iPhone 5 and S, but it’s far more than that too. The Case+ combines a smartphone case (5 and 5S only, at the moment), a stand for your phone, a wallet, a battery, and a car mount - all for your phone.

The Actual Case

Logitech used to sell the entire bundle for $200, but the company has just started to sell the pieces separately. If you just want the case, this might be the one case that you do want to buy because it does fit the phone very well - snugly, in fact. The iPhone 5 and 5S tend to be very fragile phones, too, so you’ll want to snap a case in place that will actually protect the phone, and the Logitech Case+ does a good job of it.

The Stand

Individually, the stand is sold as the +tilt. The +tilt snaps onto the back of the case, and it acts as a stand for your phone. The stand is also a good buy if you want something that adds a thick layer of leather to the back of your phone, and doubles as a kickstand.

The Wallet

Here’s where the Case+ gets a bit odd. You can buy the +wallet, and turn your case into a wallet with four different card compartments. The +wallet snaps onto the back of the case or the +tilt via magnetism, and it does work well as a wallet - so if you’ve ever wanted a phone case that doubles as a wallet, this is it (and I can actually see that being very useful, oddly).

The Battery

You can also add the +energy to the Case+ to turn the phone case into a battery. Since the iPhone 5 and 5S tend to die every few minutes (so it seems), a battery that doubles as a case is not a bad idea - but, this is far from the first battery boosting case that’s on the market.

The Car Mount

Have you ever wished that you could mount your phone inside of your car, so that you can do things like follow a GPS? Well, this is what the +drive is all about. With the +drive, you can snap your phone to the inside of your car, and tilt and move the phone around without an issue. It’s what you need if you are really missing some kind of car mount.

The Total Package

As mentioned, you can buy these pieces individually, but why not just buy the whole package? There really does seem to be a good use for all of the parts that are part of the Case+, and this would make a great holiday gift too. Either way, all parts can be ordered online at various retailers. At the very least, the case part of this equation is solid, and probably what you need if you don’t have a case on your sensitive iPhone 5 or 5S.