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  • Finding the Right Word Processor
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Most people buy a computer equipped with a standard word processor. The word processor that comes with your computer may be an ideal fit for you needs. On the other hand, you could be missing out on better word processors. The fact of the matter is that there are many different world processing options available.

Consider Your Needs

Microsoft Word has cornered the word processing department for some time now. Word is an ideal program if you share a lot of documents and require different layout options. Otherwise, you may find that an integrated Works program is all that you need. Microsoft Works allows for basic word processing without any of the bells and whistles that Word includes.

Mac users will note that Apple computers don’t come with any word processing software. In this manner, Mac users have more options than Windows users. Regardless, it’s wise to consider all of your needs before you buy any kind of word processor. You may discover that you need a whole suite or you could be perfectly happy with a general word processor.

Price Is Important

Typically, software should never be purchased based upon price. However, this rule can be bent slightly when it comes to choosing a word processor. Some word processors are expensive, and this expense may not be justified. If a program such as Microsoft Word is not included in whatever system you purchase, you may wind up paying more than $100 for suitable software.

On the other hand, you can buy a perfectly good word processor for less than $100. You may also be able to buy a word processor second hand. Since many of these programs become outdated quickly, people who require a recently updated version may sell older versions cheaply. Shop around for the best price before deciding whether or not to shell out hundreds of dollars.

The Truth About Free Programs

There are a number of free word processing programs available. Most of these programs are located solely online. This means that you will work online and store any texts online. The biggest problem with these programs is that they are not always reliable. If you only use a word processing program once in awhile, you may be able to get by with a free program.

Free programs do not include as many formatting and editing features as paid programs. Generally, a program such as Microsoft Works is a better option if you’re looking for an inexpensive processing program.

Complex Programs

It’s possible that a basic world processing program won’t fulfill your needs. When this happens, look towards programs such as Open Office. This program is free, but it also includes many tools and features that regular processor programs don’t have. Programs of this sort are also a nice compliment to regular processing programs.