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  • The WhaleTail iPad Stand
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Every once in awhile, a product is developed that’s just too interesting not to talk about. This is the case with the WhaleTail. The WhaleTail is, technically, an iPad stand developer for those who want to view something on an iPad screen but don’t actually want to hold said iPad. Like all other iPad stands in its class, the WhaleTail is on the expensive side and tends to be one of those products that some people might not have any use for.

On the other hand, there are some consumers who might definitely have a use for a device like the WhaleTail. Namely, those who have an iPad and like to watch movies or read books via the tablet, but don’t want to hold the tablet for an extended period of time will like what the WhaleTail has to offer. It also bodes mentioning that many an iPad keyboard can be found on store shelves, and using a keyboard with an iPad is just a lot easier to do if you have an iPad stand.

How the WhaleTail Works

If you think that you might have a purpose for the WhaleTail, you’ll be happy to know that this product works very well. The stand simply attaches to your iPad (or any other tablet, really) via suction. Then, the “tail” of the stand lays flat on a table of other flat surface. The angle of the tail combined with the suction support allows the WhaleTail to lean perfectly, so that you can use your tablet hands-free. In all seriousness, the WhaleTail is actually a clever product that many people will find useful – especially if you take a lot of long flights or tend to stare at your iPad screen while sitting at a desk.

Even though the WhaleTail has gained some criticism over the fact that most people don’t need an iPad stand, the truth of the matter is that this stand is actually useful. If you are searching for a hands-free way to view anything that can be seen on your iPad, the WhaleTail is an excellent option – or at least worth looking at. The only drawback is that this product tends to be on the high-side when it comes to price, since most people won’t want to pay $50 for an iPad stand. If you don’t mind this price, you can check out the stand at any retailer that’s savvy enough to stock this uniquely designed stand. If not, there are many other iPad stands on the market that you can take a look at.

Do You Need a Tablet Stand?

There’s some debate as to whether or not tablet owners require such things as stands and keyboards. For some, purchasing a keyboard for a tablet and buying a stand simply turns that tablet into a laptop. These folks argue that you might as well buy a laptop if this is your intended purpose. I will argue, however, that a laptop is a lot heavier, bulkier, and harder to handle than a tablet. Plus, if you own an iPad you will gain access to Apple’s many apps. So, there really is a market for keyboards and stands made specifically for tablets.
Do you need one of these products? It all depends on whether or not you use your tablet like a laptop – if you do, by the way, recognize that there’s no shame in turning your tablet into a more useful device!