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  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 vs. MacBook Air: Design and Form Factor
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When comparing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 and the MacBook Air, both offer a great notebook for a reasonable price. Even though the two laptops rival each other, people must remember that they are considered to be in different categories than one another. The X1 is an ultra-portable where the Air is considered a notebook.

In this two-part review, I'll be looking at the form factor and design of these two slim mobile computers first. Then, in part two, I'll discuss the power and specs of these two machines.


When comparing the two notebooks in measurements, both have similar dimensions. The MacBook Air measures in at 12.8 x 8.94, while the ThinkPad X1 measures at 13.26 x 9.1. Each notebook comes with a 13.3 inch monitor, however, the MacBook Air comes in different screen sizes and specs. The MacBook Air is thinner than the ThinkPad X1. The Air measures in at .68in, while the X1 measures .84in. The ThinkPad X1 is, however, the thinnest ‘˜ThinkPad’ ever created. Weight is another area that the Air captures. The MacBook Air weighs in a 2.9lbs where the X1 weighs almost a pound more at 3.7lbs. However, I definitely reocmmend buying the ‘˜slice’ battery for the X1 for expanded battery life which adds another pound to the already 3.7lbs. Taking both laptops weight into consideration they both are still very light weight for a laptop.


The design of these notebooks are both very good and updated to their predecessors. The MacBook Air stuck to its ultra thin design. Lenovo decided to make small changes to their ThinkPad series by making the X1 a little more robust, but remaining stringent to their matte black coating. When it comes to durability, the X1 takes the cake. Lenovo’s rugged roll cage and Corning Gorilla Glass screen give the X1 the lift in the durability department. The X1 is designed more toward the traveling business person which may be the result of the added protection. The new aluminum casing for the Air is an upgrade and gives it a more solid feel than the MacBook. Many of the other MacBooks reported having problems with chipping with the plastic covers. The keyboards on both laptaps stay true to ergonomics. The Air has a full layout keyboard with black keycaps and a Multi-Touch Trackpad for precise cursor control. The X1 brings new ideas to their keyboard with raised keys that are shaped with a ‘˜smile’ and contour groove for typing smoothness. Both laptops have LED back lit keys, which is a new notion to the ThinkPad. Adding to the X1’s durability is the spill resistant keyboard. The MacBook Air does have more appeal from a beauty standpoint, but the ThinkPad X1 is more durable.

Overall, the Macbook Air is definitely thinner and lighter than the ThinkPad X1. But both are much smaller and more portable than virtually any other laptop you might buy. So, rather than splitting hairs on form factor, it may be more worthwhile to take a look at the power and specs of these two computers. That's precisely what we'll look at in the next part of the review: {{http://macbookair-thinkpadx1-comparison.reviews.r-tt.com/|MacbookAir vs. Lenovo ThinkPadX1}}