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  • Ticketmaster and Facebook Team Up
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Sometimes it’s not possible to buy concert tickets with your friends. But, it’s still nice to know where your friends are sitting, just in case the seat next to a friend is not sold out. While viewing the seats that your friends have chosen used to be impossible, it is now an option thanks to Facebook and Ticketmaster.

The two companies have teamed up to bring Facebook and Ticketmaster users virtual seating charts. These charts will allow Facebook users to see what seats friends have chosen. If available, a user can purchase adjoining seats using the Facebook invite or event feature. This concept is truly innovative, and it’s just one more way that Facebook is attempting to enhance user experience.

How The Seating Charts Work

Let’s say that there’s a concert coming up that you want to go to. You head to the Ticketmaster site and purchase your tickets. You then post the event on Facebook. Friends of yours see the concert, view your seats, and tag empty seats next to your with their respective names. Once tagged, your friends can purchase tickets, and they will be sitting next to you during the concert.

It will also be possible for Facebook users to nag, push, or alert other friends of an upcoming concert. If you want your friends to purchase tickets, just send out a group invitation that includes your seating information. As soon as your seating chart shows up, your friends can buy tickets. This new Facebook feature is bound to attract a lot of concert-goers and Facebook users alike.

What Ticketmaster Gains

Ticketmaster execs released a statement saying that the company has studied ticket purchases with intent. These studies have lead Ticketmaster marketers to believe that people will attend concerts if they know that friends are attending the same concert. So, allowing Facebook users to post concert purchase news on the social network will entice other users to purchase tickets.

The result, needless to say, is extra tickets sold for Ticketmaster. Facebook benefits from this partnership too. In short, it’s a perfect match – an ideal combination for both companies, and, maybe, for you. It is, after all, convenient to see where your friends are sitting before buying tickets!

Possible Drawbacks

Even though the Ticketmaster Facebook app seems very helpful, there are some possible drawbacks to this feature. The main drawback being that this app may make it easy for people to stalk Facebook users. If you don’t want everyone on your friend list knowing about your ticket purchase, this app could be a real pain.

Then again, most people only have real friends as part of their Facebook friend groups, so this may not be such a huge concern. Facebook may also provide a way for users to turn this setting off if someone wants to attend a concert anonymously. As of the time of this writing, the Ticketmaster Facebook app was available to the general public. You do, of course, have to buy your tickets through Ticketmaster in order to use the app. Once there, you should be able to make the Facebook connection without much trouble.