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The Internet has helped to make it easier than ever for users to share information about niche topics, which is always a good thing. In particular, the web has made it incredibly easy to share tutorials on the Internet with people all around the world. Curious about crocheting, but never really got around to it? Fantastic. Look up tutorials on the Internet.

There's just one slight problem, though: recently, web content mills have found it incredibly profitable to post irrelevant or uninformative "tutorials" online. For the user who just wants to learn how to do something, this poses a significant problem.

Tildee: An Easy Way to Share Tutorials

Tildee was designed from the bottom-up to be a Web site that makes it easy to write and share tutorials. To this end, it has succeeded. You can create a tutorial about any topic, and once you write the tutorial, you can easily send it to your friends or share it publicly

Writing a Tutorial on Tildee

Writing a tutorial on {{http://www.tildee.com|Tildee}} is very easy. You can begin doing so in a matter of minutes. First, you click the big "Create a New Tutorial" button on the main site. You can't miss it. Then, you enter a title of your tutorial. Make sure that your tutorial's title is descriptive and informative. That way, people will know exactly what they will learn through your tutorial. After that, write your steps. Make sure they are actionable and easy-to-follow. No one likes vague tutorials.

Once you have finished writing your tutorial, check it for spelling errors. If there are any images that can make your tutorial easier to follow, insert them before you hit publish. Once you're ready to share your tutorial, click Save.

To edit your tutorial after you have published it, you'll need to insert your email address or log in. This way, only _you_ can edit your tutorials.


Sharing on Tildee is incredibly easy. Each tutorial gets a small URL, which you can post to Twitter. If you think your tutorial would be valuable to your friends, send them the URL.

Learn Something New

Much of the thrill of life is in learning a new skill. From installing an external hard drive to making biscuits, learning something new can be a great way to spend a weekend. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to decide _what_ you want to learn.

Luckily, Tildee offers suggestions on its main page, pulled straight from recent tutorials. Who knows? Maybe you'll stumble upon something you never _imagined_ you would want to learn.

While it is very much a niche Web site -- certainly not a Web site you will visit every day -- there is a time and a place for Tildee. For those situations in which you _want_ to explain something to someone but don't want to do it in a long, convoluted e-mail, Tildee is the best solution for doing so. It will present your tutorial in a clear, beautiful manner.