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  • Does Time Management Software Work?
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Time can’t be slowed down, paused, or stopped. Yet, you can maximize your time by keeping track of the hours you spend working. Freelancing, contracting, or simply performing hourly work tasks requires efficiency and time management skills. These skills are not easily possessed, which is why time management software is priceless in many situations.

Essentially, there are two types of time management software available. The first type is project management software. These programs were designed specifically for project management (or large group) usage. The second type of time management software simply keeps track of hours logged while performing a specific task.

Multiple Project Tracking

If your aim is to keep track of various projects simultaneously, multiple project software is for you. There are a few options within this category that will get the job done. Here, I will draw your attention to a few stand-out programs that have been proven effective.

• Chrometa: this program is unlike any other multiple project tracking program available. Unlike other programs, you do not have to enter any data into the Chrometa interface in order to begin tracking a project. Chrometa automatically begins to track time spent on specific tasks. While not cheap ($99 per single use), Chrometa is an all-in-one time tracking program.

• Responsive Time Logger: like Chrometa, Responsive Time Logger is expensive and billed per single use ($89 at the time of this writing). Yet, this program is also highly customizable and it includes a simple interface. If switching from project to project is what you need to do, you need Responsive Time Logger.

• Tenrox Timesheet: it’s all about the details with Tenrox. If you’re after as much data as you can gather, this is the program you’ve been waiting for. Track time, follow employees, and find out what’s happening with Tenrox Timesheet. To obtain a Tenrox license the cost is around $120.

Single Project Tracking

Sometimes one project is more than enough. If you need to send time sheets to clients or show your boss what you’ve been doing, single tracking programs are ideal. Most of the following programs are also free.

• Rachota: Rachota is the only time tracking program that runs off a USB drive. No matter where you are, you can run Rachota at all times. The versatility of this program alone makes it a top contender. Rachota is also a free program.

• SlimTimer: a basic, no-frills, hourly watchdog, SlimTimer is a handy and free program. While not a good option if you are looking for a program loaded with features, SlimTimer does get the job done.