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  • Spending Too Much Time on Facebook? Here’s How to Find Out!
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Do you obsessively check Facebook at all hours of the day and night? Are you having a hard time sleeping for fear of missing something that happens on Facebook while you are enjoying that dream state? You might be a Facebook addict, and there’s a way to find out.

TimeRabbit is a new web application that tracks how much time you spend on Facebook. This application is compatible with all browsers and will let you know if you are wasting your life away.

While there are other Facebook time tracking apps available, TimeRabbit is unlike the rest. In fact, TimeRabbit proves to be the easiest Facebook tracker on the current market, and I like the way it works. Are you ready to find out how much time you really spend on Facebook? Or, do you want to find out how much time your employees spend on Facebook? Take a closer look at TimeRabbit.

Using TimeRabbit to Track Your Facebook Time

The average person spends seven hours per month on Facebook. That might not seem like a lot, but think of all the times you’ve said “I just don’t have the time to do ____!” Well, you might have that time after all. You might have seven valuable hours per month to spend doing something other than seeing what old acquaintances are up to. I know, it’s addicting, but TimeRabbit can help. As soon as you log into your Facebook account, TimeRabbit starts tracking your time.

If you have a Facebook page open but you are idle, TimeRabbit will stop tracking. The app will also stop tracking five seconds after you leave your Facebook page. No matter what browser you use on your computer, TimeRabbit will work.

You do have to download this application, but it is completely safe and secure, so no worries about any bugs or issues. The main goal here is to find out just how much of your life you are wasting away online.

Tracking Tables

TimeRabbit will let you know how much weekly, monthly, and yearly time you spend on Facebook. Further, the app breaks down your Facebook time in a nicely formatted chart that’s easy to read and understand.

You can also view the time you spend broken down into days, hours, or minutes. If you find that your average Facebook time is reaching more than seven hours per month, you may need help. Believe it or not, there are therapists who can help with this sort of thing. Facebook addiction is more of a problem than most people think!

The reasons why some of us are highly addicted to Facebook range from boredom to an unhappy life. Looking at what other people are thinking, saying, and feeling can make us feel better about our lives or worse. Posting photographs that detail our accomplishments is also a great way to show the world that you are successful – even if you are not.

But, my friends, there is a simpler way to be happy with your life and Facebook is not it. In fact, Facebook can further depression in some people. In any case, find out how much of your life you are spending on Facebook using TimeRabbit. If you find that you are spending too much time on the social network, considering stepping outside, volunteering, or meeting some of those social friends for lunch.