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Creating employee timesheets takes, well, time. This time could be spent tending to other things. Even if you have an accounting department, you can cut back on the hours that these employees work by purchasing timesheet software.

This type of software makes it easy to schedule numerous employees without wasting any valuable time. Employee timesheet software ranges in price from twenty dollars to more than one-thousand dollars. The trick is to find software that suits your personal business needs.

Simplicity Is Key

Most of the time, software comes with a learning curve. This learning curve is to be expected and conquered as you go through a program. Employee timesheet software, on the other hand, is not the kind of software that you should spend hours learning about. A basic tutorial, program wizard, and help bubbles should come with any software package that you select.

If you plan on asking your employees to use timesheet software, a program must be as simple as possible. Look for color-coded schedules, printable timesheets, and timesheets that can be accessed through the Internet. All of these features will make timesheet software easy and accessible for all who intend to use it.

Gain Complete Control

The mark of great software is versatility. Software should work with you by allowing you to personalize timesheets, create subcategories, and view employee information. Timesheet software should not be complicated, fussy, or confusing. If a program does not allow you to change items, personalize sheets, and customize most tools, it’s best to seek a different program.

Some things you want to look for include task tracking (software should keep track of all tasks performed); a timer (an effective timer can help employees stay on track); and quiet functionality (a program that gets in the way of work is counterproductive.)

When using timesheet software, employees should not have to constantly fuss with a program. Instead, a program should run effortlessly, automatically, and quietly while an employee is working.


Timesheet software that functions quietly, doesn’t have a steep learning curve, and allows for customization is ideal. Software that comes with extra tools meant for managerial use is priceless. When searching for timesheet software, look for a program that includes employee rate information, spending, timed reports, and billing information. You may have to pay extra for these tools, but software that comes with these additions will prove useful very quickly. Some timesheet software that has gained a solid reputation includes Web Timesheet, Tenrox Timesheet Software, and ClickTime.

Price Woes

Manually entering information into a timesheet can cause errors. In turn, these errors can cost you time and money. While spending more than one-hundred dollars on a timesheet software program may seem excessive, you’ll find that this is money well spent. When shopping for software, try not to look at the cost of a program. Your budget might be important, but it is more important to find a program that makes your life easier.