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  • Here's What People on Tinder Want
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Tinder (the popular dating app) has recently published some data that you’ll want to take a closer look at if you use the app to find potential mates.

The company has compiled a list of the professions that gain the most “right swipes” according to gender. If you aren’t having any luck with Tinder, you may want to consider changing your profession.

Top Male Professions

Apparently, women that use Tinder prefer to date pilots, entrepreneurs, firefighters, doctors and television or radio personalities. Models (a category that you may think is popular) are way down on the list. As for men, they prefer to date women that are physical therapists, interior designers, entrepreneurs, marketing and PR specialists, and teachers.

In addition to letting the public know what professions are the most popular with Tinder dates, the data that Tinder has published also provides a clue as to what is most important to people in today’s society. If we take a closer look at the professions note above, it’s clear that a few things are on the forefronts of people’s minds.

Money, Fame, and Adventure

Women that use Tinder are looking for men that are adventurous (firefighters and pilots), famous (personalities), or make a lot of money (entrepreneurs and doctors). It’s a bit more difficult to see why men prefer interior designers (artistic nature?), but the physical therapist data is rather clear (these women tend to be fit).

Teachers are usually kind, and PR specialists tend to make decent money -- but those are just some stereotypes.

The new data didn’t state anything about what the people with the preferred occupations looked like, or what their dating preferences or extracurricular activities were -- all of which are definitely important when it comes to choosing a mate. So what does this data really tell us about the people that use Tinder?

Well, it might tell you that you have the best possible profession when it comes to snagging a Tinder date. It may also tell you that Tinder might not be the dating site for you - after all, there are a plethora of dating apps out there, right?

The Tinder Blog

If you want to keep tabs on what’s happening within Tinder, make sure to sign up for the Tinder blog. The Tinder team does a decent job of making sure that there’s all kinds of relevant information out there, so you can find a lot of details about the app and how to use it just by checking out the blog regularly.

It’s always interesting to see data that companies post - especially if you want to find out more about a company or a dating site (in this situation) that you use regularly. The more you know about what people on that site want in a mate, the better chances you will have of connecting with someone.

Plus, most people that use Tinder probably didn’t view the data posted on the Tinder blog -- now you have an edge. So who’s ready to change their profession in order to find a Tinder date?