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  • Tiny Riot: Go Ahead, Shake Your iPhone
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Do you ever feel like screaming? Like screaming very loudly? Or, perhaps, breaking something? Frustration and angst are a normal part of our hectic lives. Stresses of all kinds follow each of us around every day. So, it’s no wonder that many of us are on the edge of our respective breaking points.

The Tiny Riot app was designed to help people cope with stress. Namely, to help Japanese students cope with stress. Originally, this app was released in Japan in order to provide angry Japanese students with some kind of outlet. Now that the app is available in North America, this reviewer thinks you ought to give it a try instead of breaking things, having a heart attack, or yelling at perfect strangers.

What Tiny Riot Does

Instead of screaming at a random passersby, your dog, or the person on the other end of the phone, Tiny Riot wants you to scream directly into your iPhone 3GS, 4, iPad, or other Apple device. The app plays loud guitar music and comes complete with screeching noises, so that you can take out your frustrations on your electronic device.

All you have to do to activate Tiny Riot is shake the life out of your Apple device of choice. The harder you shake the device, the more Tiny Riot will scream and make noise. You can even scream along with this innovative app. So, what’s the point of Tiny Riot?

Not only can you scream with Tiny Riot, but you can also get physical by using this app. The simple art of shaking your fists will help you release tension, while also allowing you to exhaust yourself with the help of some much needed physical activity.


Tiny Riot is available for around $1. Is this app worth one dollar of your hard earned money? Well, that depends. How stressed out are you? Do you find yourself screaming and breaking down in tears over simple frustrations? If so, Tiny Riot might be the app for you. When you feel like shouting, I recommend that you find a room with a door that you can shut tightly.

Then, put Tiny Riot into action mode, and scream to your heart’s content. When you’re done screaming, shaking, and getting rid of any extra angst, you can exit the closed room feeling calm and collected. In fact, this reviewer thinks that everyone who works in any kind of office should purchase the Tiny Riot app. It’s cheaper than a therapy session, but it might also be equally rewarding.

Can You Live Without Tiny Riot?

Why, sure you can. But you can also live without all that bottled up stress. There are few apps (if any) out there that take your anger into consideration. If you aren’t the type to meditate, do yoga, or go on a long run, you may find that the Tiny Riot app is just what you need to get through the day. Other alternatives include throwing items, entering a mosh pit at a concert, and imploding.