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  • T-Mobile: Trade Your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 At No Cost
Technology Articles > Cell Phones > iPhone > T-Mobile: Trade Your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 At No Cost

Have you tried to change phone with your current carrier? If you trade before your contract runs out, you will be hit with a massive bill for chaining your mind. Well, T-Mobile is trying something different. Just days before T-Mobile begins selling the iPhone 5, the company is trying to get customers to switch phones -- for free. Did you read that right? You did! Here's how it all goes down.

How The Switch Works

If you currently have T-Mobile, and you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, you can simply bring in your existing phone to a T-Mobile store near you. Then, swap your phone for an iPhone 5 at 0% down. Normally, this switch would cost users around $120, but that's not the case at the moment. Right now, you can switch for free.

T-Mobile is also offering clients a $120 credit that can be used towards an upcoming bill, or to purchase accessories or a new phone. As you can see, T-Mobile really wants customers to switch to the iPhone 5. There's no doubt that T-Mobile will succeed in efforts to lure users to the iPhone 5 either.

T-Mobile Makes a Mark

In addition to the new iPhone 5 offer, T-Mobile recently did away with contracts. So, it's really looking like T-Mobile is the company to beat. If you do use another company, you might want to consider switching. If you have T-Mobile and want an iPhone 5, it's hard to beat this offer, really hard.

The iPHone 5 will officially arrive in stores this coming Friday. The iPhone 5 has actually been available through pre-order since last week, though. So, you can snag an iPhone 5 now or wait for it to arrive in stores. Either way, trading in your older iPhone model for a new one without any charges (and with a $120 credit) is a pretty amazing deal.

Why Is T-Mobile Being So Nice?

Has this company had a major corporate change of heart? Not necessarily. T-Mobile wants to sell more iPhone 5s, and that's what the company is trying to do here. Will it work? It seems unlikely that a ton of people won't jump on this deal. Then again, it's hard to get out of a current carrier contract, and the deal only applies to existing customers.

What can you do if you are signed with another carrier? Not a heck of a lot. Getting out of a cellphone contract is a tough thing to do. My advice is to keep your eye on your current contract, and make sure that you know when the contract is about to run out. This way, you can jump on deals like the one that T-Mobile is running right away.

Is the T-Mobile deal available in your area? Make sure to check T-Mobile's website for availability information. This carrier isn't available in every area, unfortunately, but other carriers might actually begin to do what T-Mobile is doing. If T-Mobile gets enough customers with the no contract deal and the iPhone swap deal, other carriers might have no choice but to compete.