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  • TodaysKicks: It's All About the Kicks
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Sneakers are a funny thing. Either you love sneakers and own more than thirty different pairs or you simply wear sneakers when you want to put on something comfortable.

For those people who can’t get enough new and colorful sneakers, there’s TodaysKicks. This free iPhone app was developed for “sneaker heads” who want to share photos of their best kicks with other sneaker enthusiasts.

The app is fun, easy, and ready to use whenever you feel like snapping a photo of your feet. Why would anyone want this app? If you love sneakers, you’ll understand why this app is quickly becoming popular around the world. If you don’t love sneakers, you won’t understand TodaysKicks. Aside from the app itself, the story behind TodaysKicks is worth taking a closer look at.

The TodaysKicks Story

TodaysKicks was founded by Phineas Barnes – a Principal at First Round Capital. So, what made someone who’s usually working on venture funds develop an iPhone app that’s all about sneakers? Barnes is a professed (according to his personal blog) “sneakerhead.” In short, the guy can’t get enough kicks.

Barnes first started his TodaysKicks idea by sending out the hashtag #todayskicks on Twitter. Eventually, this hashtag snowballed and the result was a small community of fellow sneakerheads. People would use this hashtag to share unusual sneakers with the “kick community.” Noticing just how many people enjoyed sharing pictures of their favorite sneakers, Barnes worked with some other people to develop the TodaysKicks iPhone app.

How the App Works

When you first download TodaysKicks, you will have to sign into your Twitter account. There’s no way to use the app without a Twitter account. You’ll also have to provide the app developers with your email address. After you punch in your email address, you will be sent to a screen full of small photos. Each photo on that screen has been taken by a fellow TodaysKicks user. You’ll see all kinds of shoes when you look at the app (not just sneakers), but the idea here is to post pics of unusual shoes, so don’t snap a photo of your average brown loafers.

If you see a shoe photo that you love, you can tap on that photo. Tapping a photo will bring you to a larger picture of the shoe, the name of the Twitter user who posted the photo, and two buttons. The first button is a “Retweet” button, which allows you to retweet a photo of the shoe.

The second button is a “Love It” button, which allows you to vote for a shoe. You can also look to find out whether or not the Twitter user you’re looking at has used any hashtags in order to post the photo.

You can also share a photo of your own shoes by selecting the “share” button. TodaysKicks will ask you to enter some information about your shoes, and you can share your photo on Twitter while also noting your location.

If you want to find out whose kicks are the best, just tap the “Best” button, and you’ll see a whole range of shoe photos that people have voted for. TodaysKicks is a fun app that’s perfect for sneakerheads from around the globe.