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Everyone could use a little extra help when it comes to remembering things, right? I still go the old school route and write things down on paper, but when those papers get lost I’m lost too.

A few months ago I started to look for an app that would help me make lists that wouldn’t get lost. I found Todoist, which isn’t exactly a brand new app but is one that most people aren’t using yet.

Why I Like Todoist

At first, I wasn’t crazy about the desktop version of this app. Todoist can look clunky and be somewhat hard to figure out if you’re not used to it. The interface really isn’t as slick as, say, Slack. But once you get past the way it looks, Todoist can be a cool tool to use.

This app will help you make lists (you just add in what you want to keep track of), but more than that it’s an app that will also let you coordinate with team members. Like Slack and other team apps, Todoist lets you add team member names and contact information to the app. From there you can do things like send notes to team members and comment on images and mockups.

You can also tag a team member if you happen to be the project manager for a specific project. This way, you can call attention to the member of the team that should be handling a certain aspect of any project.

Mobile Too

Today’s apps have to work smoothly via mobile too. Todoist’s mobile version is actually better (in my opinion) than the desktop version. Push notifications let you know when someone has tagged you on a project and you’ll get updates right away. It’s also simple to drop notes into any project and let everyone on your team comment.

Another really great thing about Todoist is that you can set the app to remind you to do things. Let’s say that you have an article deadline. Just add that deadline to the Todoist app, and you’ll get a notification quickly the day before it's due (or day of - you can determine when you’d like to be notified). This way, you never miss a deadline.

Fun Features

Todoist has a fun little feature called ‘Karma.’ You get karma points when you check off a task or complete a task on time. The karma points can be fun (as they were meant to be), but they can also be a little bit juvenile. If you happen to be a project manager, don’t tell your team to ‘wrack up karma points!’ That’s all I’m going to say about that.

All in all, Todoist is a great app to use if you have a problem staying on task and getting things done. This app will remind you of deadlines, you can collaborate with team members, it works via mobile and desktop, and it plays nicely with other programs. Plus, Todoist works with Windows phone, iOS, and Android.

What more could you want from a simple task management app? If you need help with management and tasks, check out Todoist. There are a whole bunch more apps like this one out there, but Todoist really helps to get stuff done.