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  • The TomTom GoLive GPS
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If you have a GPS navigation device, you may see a purpose for the new TomTom GoLive 1535 M. This navigation device is like all the other TomTom devices on the market with the exception of a few things. Those things come in the form of apps including Yelp, Twitter, Expedia, and Trip Advisor. Using the GoLive device, you can access any of these apps directly from your dashboard.

The GoLive will be a godsend for some travelers thanks to the app addition. For others, the GoLive comes too late in the game to make a big difference. Either way, this navigation device is the first of its kind, and TomTom seems to making a go at the ever-popular app. Right now, the device only features the apps mentioned above, though this may change in the near future.

What the new TomTom Apps Do

Since it’s one of the most popular social networks around, let’s start with the Twitter app. TomTom does not make it possible to view Twitter streams from your GPS, so you won’t be using this app to connect with friends while driving (a very good thing!). But, the Twitter app for TomTom will allow you to let people know when you expect to arrive at any given destination. You can also check into Twitter when you’ve arrived.

Hopefully, this app is simple to use, or a number of collisions could result from people attempting to type details into the Twitter app. The Yelp, Expedia, and Trip Advisor apps are, perhaps, more fitting to the GPS navigation arena. If you want to find out where to stay, eat, or stop while traveling, these apps will provide you with user reviews.

One may wonder why a GPS navigation company hasn’t hooked up with review sites before. After all, it’s tough to choose a restaurant or store from the long list of names that pops up when searching for something while driving.

Why These Apps May Not Entice

Sure, the fact that a GPS navigation device offers apps is innovative, interesting, and helpful, but doesn’t your smartphone offer you the same apps? If this is what you’re thinking, you’re not alone. TomTom comes to the app forum offering up apps that every smartphone on the planet already offers. It’s hard to see why someone would want this TomTom device if that person already has a smartphone.

The other reason why some may shy away from the TomTom GoLive is sheer common sense. No doubt TomTom will stick warnings to the outside of device boxes, but it’s hard not to imagine some careless drivers attempting to play with apps while driving. Ok, this reason may not turn away TomTom customers, but it should be considered. Lastly, the price of the GoLive GPS device is somewhat high – no, it’s really high.

Pricing and Availability

The TomTom GoLive GPS navigation device is priced at $299. This price is high compared to other GPS devices on the market. Of course, those other devices don’t offer apps, but we’ve already been over the smartphone aspect of this new TomTom offering. If you don’t have a smartphone, or see a real use for the new GoLive, you can purchase the TomTom GoLive in stores right now – just make sure you pull over before updating your Twitter status.