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  • Top 3D TVs

It seems as though the world went from HDTV to 3D overnight. A slew of 3D TVs now line store shelves. Not unlike snake oil, many manufacturers promise spectacular images, amazing colors, and 3D technology that will blow your mind. The reality is that only a handful of 3D TVs are worth the very high price tags that come with them. A quality 3D TV that produces a decent image and comes with interesting features can be purchased from $1800+. Whether or not you wait for a 3D TV that doesn’t require a pair of $100+ glasses is up to you.
Note: All prices listed in this article were accurate at the time of this writing.
Samsung PN50C8000 -- $1,800+
When compared to other 3D TVs, the Samsun PN50C8000 easily separates from the crowd. Not only does this Samsung 3D option have very slick styling, it also produces excellent images. The PN50C8000 is a plasma television with 3D capability. In addition, this Samsung comes with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This TV projects black images with a good amount of depth, and also projects color images flawlessly. App enthusiasts will find a large collection of apps and Yahoo widgets on this TV. 3D glasses must be worn in order to view any 3D movie or program, though these glasses do not come with the PN50C8000. Priced below most of its competitors, the Samsun PN50C8000 is a3D TV worth looking into.
Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25 -- $1,800+
The first thing that 3D fans will notice about the Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25 is that this TV projects an excellent 3D image. The second notable 3D aspect of the Viera is that this television comes with a set of 3D glasses – something worth considering, since these glasses can cost more than $200. From ideal black-level precision to detailed primary colors, images projected on the Viera are solid all-around.
Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D -- $4000+
The release of the Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D in the United States was met with much anticipation and excitement. Sharp promised a 3D TV that was brighter than all the rest, and (for the most part) they delivered on this promise with the Quattron. According to Sharp, the Quattron has a 4th color (yellow) that makes 3D images appear brighter. This is an important distinction from other 3D TVs, since a brighter TV means that a pair of 3D glasses will no longer be able to dull an image (as is the current case). In addition, the Aquos comes with a LED backlight, two pairs of 3D glasses, an Ethernet port, and a high contrast ration of 8,000,000:1. The Aquos has it all – for a very high price.

LG THX 3D Plasma -- $1300+
The LG THX is the first 3D TV to come with THX Display Certification. This certification ensures that the THX has an unbeatable image along with excellent 3D quality. The THX is a plasma TV with ideal 3D compatibility. In addition the THX is styled unlike any other 3D TV on the market, which makes it a TV to contend with. This television does not come with a large list of apps, which might turn some people away, but it does perform exceptionally well. The LG THX does not come with a free set of 3D glasses.