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If you’re buying a Nintendo 3DS for someone this holiday season, make sure that you buy some great games to go with that handheld. There are lots of 3DS games out there, but only a few of them make the “best” cut. I’m going to exclude The Legend of Zelda from this list because, well, it’s The Legend of Zelda, so, of course, it’s awesome. Zelda aside, there are some other 3DS games out there that you’ll want to check out. Take into consideration that some of these games are not appropriate for younger kids while some are appropriate for players of all ages.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates and Lego – what more could you want? This game is a true 3D adventure that your kids (or you) will enjoy playing again and again. This game is fun through and through, and it has been given that authentic Lego feel. Even though the Pirates of the Caribbean is for kids, this game has many grown adults coming back for more. You’ll love the storyline, voices, and the overall tale that this games tells.

Super Mario 3D Land

Alright, Super Mario is right up there with Zelda (the same developer is behind both games, after all). Super Mario on its own is downright fun, but when you add a 3D twist to this game, it becomes something that’s really hard to beat. Did you know that out of all the Super Mario games, the 3D version of this game has sold the most copies? Now, that’s a statistic that you can rely on. If you don’t get any other game for that new 3DS system, make sure you pick up Super Mario 3D Land.

Resident Evil Revelations

Alright, folks, this is not a good game to choose for your seven-year-old son, but it is a game that adults will enjoy. If you have a 3DS (or if you plan to steal your kid’s), you’ll want to check out the graphics that Resident Evil Revelations comes packed with. With a crazy storyline, amazing images, and plenty of 3D fun, this game is at the top of every 3DS gaming list.

Animal Crossing 3D

Just by the title, you can tell that this game was meant for kids. If you have a smaller child who’s just getting into cute and cuddly things, this is a fun game to choose. Animal Crossing was made for the Nintendo Wii too, but the 3DS version is full of better colors and graphics – not to mention the fact that the 3D aspect of this game is top-notch.

Four Best Games to Pick From

The 3DS is a great console to own or to buy for someone else. Not only are the games listed above a lot of fun, but (thankfully) Nintendo also recently announced that the company will be introducing a number of new games. If you aren’t sold on the 3DS, keep your eyes and ears open for Sony’s new handheld option: the Vita (coming to stores soon).