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It doesn’t seem like so long ago that all app articles were centered upon iPhone. Now that Android phones have hit the scene with a big bang, there are a lot more apps to explore. Even though there are still more iPhone apps than Android apps, the innovation behind some Android apps is amazing.

If you’re looking to add some great apps to your Android phone, take a look at these top five options. A few of them are free, and those that aren’t free are well worth the few dollars. Sorry iPhone users, most of these apps aren’t available for the old Apple favorite.

Andoku -- Free

What good would smartphones be if they didn’t come with fun gaming apps? If you are a fan of the popular Sodoku puzzles, then you’ll love what Andoku has to offer. This app contains more than two-hundred different puzzles. New to Sodoku-type puzzles? Don’t despair. Andoku comes with more than enough beginner level puzzles. In fact, you’ll find that users of all ages and skill levels will quickly adapt to Andoku. If you like puzzles, you have to give this app a shot.

TouchNote -- $1.49/Each

Whatever happened to postcards? Postcards used to be the main way of saying “hello” to someone while away. These days, it’s hard to find a postcard. When they are found, most postcards are lack-luster. But, TouchNote aims to change all of that. This app allows users to create customized postcards.

By snapping a photo (unfiltered and untouched), users can create a postcard. On one side of the card is the photo that was snapped, and the other side features a blank space where you can create a note. Each TouchNote photo costs $1.49 to create, but in my opinion it’s well worth the money to create an ever-lasting photographic postcard memory.

WeatherBug Elite -- $1.99

A large number of weather apps are less than thrilling. Some accurately predict the weather. Others predict something that’s close to the weather. But, essentially, all weather apps appear to be the same. Enter WeatherBug Elite. This app is unlike any other weather app that you’ve seen so far. Why? Not only does it report the weather, but it also provides you with important storm updates.

Say, for example, you’re about to touchdown in New Hampshire in February. You may want to know about the blizzard that is going to hit New Hampshire one hour after you land. This way, you can cancel your appointments and wrap up in a warm wool sweater. You can also find real-time camera views of various cities on WeatherBug Elite.


Does Dropbox really need any introduction? The file sharing program is notorious all across the Internet, and the Android app proves to be great as well. If you are familiar with Dropbox, you’ll love the Android app. The app does everything that the website can do, but you can do it all from a remote destination. Handy and convenient, there are few things quite as innovative as Dropbox.