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  • Hasrbro iOS Games Increase In Sales
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It's really tough for real-world companies to transition to the digital world. Some companies fail at this task miserably while other companies seem to have some success. One such company is Hasbro, the game maker. Most people know Hasbro as being the company behind Monopoly and other popular childhood games, but a new generation of kids may know Hasbro as being the name behind popular iPad games.

Hasbro Breaks Into the iPad World

Surprisingly, iPad sales of Monopoly and Magic:The Gathering have risen by 19% in the second quarter, according to a recent Hasbro report. This means that iPad users haven't forgotten how much fun Hasbro games are, and they want to play the same games via iPad. But, are they any good?

Hasbro's iOS versions of Monopoly and other games are just as you would expect them to be. The games change little from the board game version that most people know and love. Maybe that's why Hasbro is now having some success, but it wasn't like that from the start. Hasbro had to compete with the likes of Zynga and other brands when the company first went digital, and that wasn't a pretty sight. What changed?

Finally Getting it Right

Hasbro has finally gotten the digital gaming equation right. Not only has the company perfected its classic games via iOS, but Hasbro has also recently purchased a majority stake in Backflip Studios (a well-known iOS game developer). It's clear that Hasbro is learning its way around the iOS and tablet world, and that consumers are responding to these newly found feet.

If you loved playing Monopoly when you were a kid, or you're searching for another Hasbro classic game, you can find a few in the iOS store. There are also some Hasbro games to be found in the Google Play store as well. Even though it has been a tough road for Hasbro, the company isn't giving up on bringing its games to the tablet world.

Top Hasbro iOS Games

In case you're wondering, here are some of the top Hasbro iOS game titles: Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering, Scrabble, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Yahtzee - all of your favorite Hasbro games are present and account for, really. Best of all, most of these games are completely free.

While board games sales might be slumping, companies like Hasbro can make the transition to the digital world. However, that move will be a tough one unless those companies can learn how to compete in that world. Since there are so many iOS and Android gaming competitors, Hasbro (and its contemporaries) have to get with the game or get out.

Do you play any Hasbro iOS games? Which games are the best? Do you think that Hasbro is going to make it in the iOS or Android world? While Hasbro's recent sales numbers are optimistic, this company still has a very long way to go to compete with some of the top iOS and Android game developers - though buying one of the best development companies is a step in the right direction.