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Panda Security (the Cloud Security Company) recently released a somewhat shocking security report. The report took into consideration all types of possible viruses and threats that current computer users face (both PC and Mac). The actual findings will make you think twice about which security suite you purchase. Why? As it turns out, most security programs will not protect against 95% of all malware – that’s right, the average security suite will miss 95% of these menaces.

How can this be possible? Most of these protection programs only protect against viruses – you’ll need protection against a lot more than viruses if you want to stay out of harm’s way! In addition to this enlightening figure, the Panda Security report also listed the main upcoming threats to systems everywhere. You’ll be surprised to know that mere viruses really don’t even enter the equation anymore.

Introducing Ransomeware

The term “ransomeware” may not be one that you’re familiar with, yet. Clever as it may be, ransomeware is really starting to plague a lot of systems around the world. Essentially, this type of malware flashes an official-looking sign stating that your computer has been identified as threatening by local law enforcement agents. The threat? If you believe the flash that pops up, you will have been identified as someone who has illegal photographs or other illegal files. The ransomeware warning will then ask you to pay a fine of 100 Pounds before you can use your system once again.

Until ransomeware has been effectively removed, you won’t be able to use your computer. Those developers behind ransomeware are quite tricky too, since these programs detect your current geographical location and broadcast warning messages in your own language. If you happen to see any of these signs pop up, note that you’re computer is under siege and have the malware removed. In addition to ransomeware, Panda Security notes that Trojans are becoming more and more popular.

The Trojan: Not to be Outdone

Trojan viruses have been around for quite a long time. In accordance with the legend, a Trojan virus appears harmless until it does a lot of internal damage like stealing passwords and leaving your system prey to a number of spam bots. According to the research mentioned above, Trojan viruses are just as prevalent as they ever were and, in fact, they are going to become even more omnipresent over the next few years.

What does Panda Security’s research tell us about anti-virus programs? You need to purchase a total anti-virus and anti-malware suite that will protect your system against all kinds of threats – not just against mere viruses. Think you have a Mac and that your Mac is impervious to threats? Think again – Macs need to be protected too. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, a regular virus protector won’t cut it – you need a complete suite that will ward off Trojans, viruses, and Ransomeware alike. Take a tip from Panda Security and don’t wait for a Trojan or Ransomeware to attack your system! Act now and save yourself the trouble of removing a virus that really can’t be removed.