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A wireless mouse is a great thing. Eliminating wires from a desktop or adding a wireless mouse to a laptop can provide an uncluttered an effective workspace. While there are plenty of wireless mice on the market, only a handful of these mice are responsive and ergonomic. A wireless mouse can be purchased for $60 to $90.
Note: All prices listed in this document were accurate at the time of this writing.

Microsoft Arc Touch -- $69+

The Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is unlike any other. The Arc’s curved shape is both thin and lightweight, while the mouse itself is aesthetically appealing. Further, the Arc can be flattened in order to make it easier for transportation and travel purposes. The Arch also comes with a touch-sensitive scroll pad that vibrates when a user scrolls on any item. It is also possible to run one finger down the center of this mouse in order to accelerate mouse speed. The Arc also comes with a small (nano) USB receiver. The Arc is responsive and fast, which makes it a great wireless option. Microsoft originally designed the Arc for use while traveling, and this mouse lives up to those expectations nicely.

USB receiverWireless Mouse M505 -- $35+

The Logitech Wireless Mouse was designed for lightweight travel. The mouse comes in three different colors including red, grey, and black. This mouse includes a button on either side of the grooved track wheel. Users can also click on the track wheel as a third button option. Those concerned with energy use will be happy to note that the Logitech Wireless Mouse does come with an on/off switch that’s easy to find and use. Logitech has included a USB receiver with the Wireless Mouse that can be used with 6 other compatible devices.

Logitech Performance Mouse MX -- $79+

Comfortable and efficient, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX was meant for desktop users who need a reliable mouse. The MX includes Logitech’s “Dark Field” sensor system, which allows users to use the mouse on any kind of surface. The MX includes a “free scroll” wheel that makes it easy to switch from toggle scrolling to super fast scrolling. Users looking for a complete mouse experience will also appreciate MX’s various buttons. Front, back, and zoom options are all possible with the MX mouse. As with many other wireless Logitech mice, the MX includes a USB receiver that can be used with other, compatible, Logitech devices.

Apple Magic Mouse -- $59+

The Apple Magic Mouse has a sleek surface and an appealing look. Users will find this mouse extremely versatile and quick. Magic Mouse can be pressed anywhere in order to activate right and left buttons. This mouse also includes Apple’s “multi-touch” technology. Multi-touch allows users to perform various finger swiping acts in order to scroll through a page (diagonal swipe) or turn a page (horizontal swipe). Magic Mouse can also sense a users scrolling speed, and with this information a mouse will be adjusted to a user’s specifications automatically. Magic Mouse is a fun mouse with a lot of great feature, though some may find it hard to adapt to Apple’s multi-touch technology.