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  • Top 3 Nintendo Wii Games Based on Game Shows
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Game Show fans will be pleased to hear that their favorite shows have been turned into video games. If you are a game show fanatic then you may want to go out and purchase a Nintendo Wii. This way you can have an interactive experience and feel like you are in your favorite show!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is easily one of the most well known game shows out still. If you are a fanatic of Wheel of Fortune then you are in luck because it replicates the real game perfectly. You take you Wii remote and whip it to the side to spin the wheel, which makes you feel as if you are really spinning it yourself. When you land on any amount of money it determines how much money your player receives per letter. If you guess the letter correctly then your character is awarded with the amount of money that you have spun.

This game is perfect for a family night so that everyone can get together and enjoy a game show without having to watch it on television. Playing with your family or friends will create a great challenge and a great gaming experience. Being interactive in a video game is very refreshing since you can now be part of your favorite game show that you may have never had a chance of attending in real life.

Family Feud 2010

Family Feud is still a giant in the game show community. This game plays exactly like the television show in every single way. Hitting the big red button with your wii remote in the beginning of every face-off is always enjoyable. You are always in a race to hit the button and answer the question because this game gets very competitive. Family Feud may not be a great game for the younger crowd seeing as most of the questions are aimed towards the adult gamer.

Creating an in game avatar is also very enjoyable since you can see your own family in the game. The game plays exactly like the game show with everyone thinking of the most popular responses to the questions asked by the host. Typing in your word of choice for the answer can sometimes get frustrating, but the game comes with a large database of words to make your typing minimal.

Price is Right 2010

Who hasn’t watched the Price is Right at least once in their life? If you haven’t then you have been missing out on one of the best Game shows in America. The video game makes you feel as if you are really at the podium looking at Drew Carey. Just like Family Feud you must create your avatar to start off on your Price is Right journey. You start by going to the stage and viewing an item and choosing your price for the object. Whenever you win you are chosen for a game which you will use your control to perform the motions.

The best part is when you must spin the wheel because you feel as if you are actually a contestant going for the showcase showdown. Right from your living room you can make all of your Price is Right dreams come true with Price is Right 2010 for the Wii.