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  • Top 5 Laptop Features to Shop For
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Screen size, battery life, keyboard quality, weight, and processor information are the five most important laptop details. Some laptops may be more aesthetically pleasing than others, though finding a fast and reliable laptop is all about knowing what makes a laptop tick.

Locating a Reliable Processor
In every instance, dual-core processors are far superior to single-core processors. There are three basic types of dual-core processors including Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme. Essentially, Core Duo processors are at the bottom of this bunch, though Core Duo processors are still better than single-core processors.
Budget laptops may have different processors including Celeron M processors. While still reliable, these processors are not as fast or efficient as dual-core processors are. If you don’t intend on multitasking, a single-core processor will work. Otherwise, a dual-core processor is a necessity.

Laptop Battery Life
On average, a laptop that has a Core Duo processor can run for approximately 4 hours with one battery charge. When comparing batteries, take the time to note whether or not projected battery life includes extended-life batteries. While some manufacturers may claim that certain laptop batteries last longer than 4 hours, these batters are generally extended-life batteries (not regular batteries). Typically, laptops that are heavier weight-wise tend to have batteries that do not last very long. Searching for a lighter laptop may equate longer battery life.

Weight Concerns
If you plan to travel with your laptop, you’ll want to choose one that weighs less than 15 pounds. If weight is an important issue, make sure to consider the weight of any laptop extras including battery, adapters, and anything extra that you will have to carry.
Some laptops include separate optical drives that you can choose to leave behind. As a modular option, these laptops are lighter than devices that include built-in optical drives. When shopping for a laptop, ask about modular features.

Keyboard and Mouse Quality
Without a well-planned keyboard, working on a laptop can be tough. In most instances, smaller laptops have smaller keyboards. These keyboards can be hard to use if you have large hands. Desktop replacement laptops tend to have larger keyboards that are easier to use.
If you plan on using your laptop every day, you may want to purchase a separate laptop mouse. While a track pad is relatively easy to use, a laptop mouse will make pointing and clicking easier on your hands.

Screen Size
The size of a laptop screen is largely a matter of personal preference. If you intend to use your laptop as a work tool, you may want to opt for a screen that measures 15 to 16 inches. Many smaller laptops come with screens that measure 13 to 14 inches. A screen that is larger than 17 inches may not be easy to transport.
Laptop screens have gotten wider in recent years, which makes it easier to view documents, spreadsheets, and movies. Even while shopping on a budget, it is still possible to purchase a laptop that has a 15-16 inch screen and decent resolution capabilities.