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  • TopBrewer: A Different Kind of Coffee Machine
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It seems that everyone has some kind of high-tech coffee machine these days. Whether it’s a machine that uses small coffee pods to brew any kind of cup or a full-blown thousand-dollar espresso machine, great coffee is no longer reserved for cafes and baristas. TopBrewer is a different kind of coffee machine developed by Scanomat. Instead of acting as an actual coffee machine, TopBrewer doesn’t sit on top of your counter – it is, instead, built into your counter.

TopBrewer was designed to sit directly into any tabletop or counter. The only thing needed to make this machine fully operational is two small holes drilled into a countertop. One hole would act as a drainage system and the other hole acts as a tap. With such a simple installation process, this countertop coffee machine can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, and it won’t take up any more space than a regular faucet would. How does TopBrewer work?

How This Machine Functions

TopBrewer uses two grinders that make it possible to brew more than one cup of coffee at once. In addition, it is possible to brew both hot and cold drinks, and two different types of drinks at the same time. Brewing a regular coffee will take a user approximately fifteen seconds while an espresso (slower drip) takes approximately 20 seconds to brew. Using small espresso cups or a larger mug placed underneath the machine, your coffee will be ready any way you like it in a matter of seconds.

If you’re thinking that cleaning up this machine will be a hassle, you’d be mistaken. Not only is this machine innovative and incredibly unusual, it is also easy to clean. In fact, you don’t have to do any manual cleaning at all. TopBrewer has an automatic cleaning setting that will clean the machine inside and out throughout the course of a day, so you always have the best tasting coffee available. Did I mention that you can also download an iPad or iPhone app to use in conjunction with TopBrewer?

What’s An App Got to Do With It?

Why would you need an app for a coffee machine? Well, you don’t have to have the TopBrewer app in order to use the machine, but it will certainly make your life a lot easier. Let’s say, for example, that you are upstairs in bed and you want to arrive in your kitchen to a nice mug of coffee. All you have to do is open that iPhone or iPad app (free to download), choose the type of brew you want (espresso, latte, cappuccino – this machine also froths milk), and tap your screen. Within moments, your coffee will be brewing while you are still waking up.

If you think that the TopBrewer is an amazing machine, you are not alone. This machine will surprise and delight you all at once with its capabilities and amazing swiftness. The price of this built-in countertop machine hasn’t been released just yet, but you can expect this gadget to be priced on the high side of things -- as with most amazing kitchen tools, you’ll have to decide whether or not TopBrewer is worth the price once that price has been revealed. To find out more about this machine, visit the Scanomat website.