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Remember Topps baseball cards? Topps was one of the original baseball card companies, and most people will remember those cards for one very specific reason: Bazooka gum. Yep, Topps cards are the ones that came with Bazooka gum, but now there’s another reason to remember the famed Topps baseball card company. Topps is stepping into the smartphone age with two new iOS apps. The apps (Topps Pennant and Topps BUNT) were designed for serious baseball fans.

If you happen to be a serious baseball fan, you will absolutely dig the Pennant app that Topps has come up with. If you just like baseball but aren’t on the fantasy circuit yet, you will like the Topps BUNT app. You do have to love baseball to purchase either one of these apps, but Topps has really done a nice job creating both of these new iOS apps.

Topps Pennant App

Remember that play? Remember that game? What year was it? Who was playing? Who outperformed all the rest that day? Some facts and figures are hard to remember (especially when they reach back to the 1950s), but Topps has all the games you’ve ever seen, or not seen, packed into one clever app. The Pennant app includes every game, every season, all player apps, all plays, and all other details that you could ever hope to remember going all the way back to 1952 all the way up to today.

Why would you want to recall all of these details? Say that you are currently on a fantasy baseball team and you want to prove your buddy wrong, just flip through the Topps Pennant app and pull up those players or that specific game, and you’ll be able to prove your point in no time. The app interface is fun to flip through, comes in team colors, and is really well put together – Topps did a great job with this one.

Topps BUNT App

Topps BUNT combines social media platforms with baseball statistics and will appeal to younger baseball fans. BUNT is a lot of fun to play around with too, but this app doesn’t come with the hundreds of tiny details that you’ll find with Pennant. If you just like the game and want to mess around with some quick stats and game details a bit, you’ll like BUNT – BUNT is also a great app to use if you want your kids to pick up the game of baseball, or if you have a kid who is really into baseball.

The Topps BUNT app can be found right now in the Apple App Store for free, but note that this app is only available for the iPad at the moment (coming to iPhone soon?). The Topps Pennant app is available on both the iPad and the iPhone for $2.99 (rumor has it that this price will go up soon, so make sure to snag the app now). There’s no word yet as to whether or not Topps will be spreading these apps to other platforms, but I’m guessing that the company will want to reach as many fans as possible, and that will mean getting the app out to Android, Windows, and BlackBerry fans within the next year or so.