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  • Top Three Gaming Consoles
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Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have dominated the gaming console market for some time now. All three manufacturers have consistently created machines that impress. If you’re serious about gaming, you’ll want to have a few of these consoles as part of your starting lineup. You can purchase a great console for less than $400, but keep in mind that these consoles are constantly changing.

If you’re going to purchase just one console to start, consider the Play Station 3. This console doubles as an excellent Blu-ray player, and it can easily fit in any living room. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, think about the Nintendo Wii. Of course, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim is also worth a second look.
Note: all prices were approximate at the time of this writing.

Xbox 360 Slim -- $250+

Ever since the first Xbox hit the market, these consoles have been making a splash. The latest (at the time of this writing) Xbox addition (the Xbox 360 Slim) comes with built-in WiFi and a 250GB hard drive. This 360 Slim doesn’t include any buttons. Instead, Microsoft has made the whole console touch-sensitive. You’ll also find a removable hard drive and two USB ports. Design-wise, the 360 Slim is, well, much slimmer than the previous version. In fact, you can easily fit the 360 slim on any shelf. If you’re looking to add to your console collection or seeking to update your old Xbox, the 360 Slim is worth every penny.

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim -- $350+
Slim seems to be the name of the game when it comes to newly updated gaming consoles. As with Microsoft’s 360 Slim, the PlayStation Slim includes a very thin design that many will find appealing. Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim, Sony has removed the touch-sensitive buttons that the previous PlayStation had. Instead, Sony has included real buttons that you’ll have to push. This may be seen as an improvement by some consumers who tired of the former PlayStation’s non-responsiveness. This PlayStation is also packed with additional features. The PS 3’s built in Blu-ray player has gained a wide amount of approval across the board, and it’s easy to see why purchasing a PS 3 may be the best Blu-ray option available. This PlayStation also has built in WiFi. Sony made some great improvements this time around, and the PlayStation 3 Slim won’t disappoint.

Nintendo Wii -- $150+

No gaming console list would be complete without mentioning the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is still one of the best gaming consoles on the market, though it tends to cater to a different crowd. Nintendo creating this console to appeal to individuals and whole families alike. Since the dawn of the first Wii, not too much has changed. Nintendo now offers the Wii in black as well as white, but the console itself has remained relatively the same. The Wii offers interactive gaming for people of all ages. The real interest here is the rumor that Nintendo will come out with a Wii 2 sometime soon. This newly updated version of the Wii is expected to include many different things including a Blu-ray player. Currently, the Wii does not have a Blu-ray player. You can hold out for the Wii 2 or purchase the original Wii. Either way, the Nintendo Wii is worth adding to your console collection.