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  • Is Toshiba's Excite Write Tablet Exciting?
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Toshiba's marketing of the Excite Write was somewhat intense. The company wanted consumers to think of this new tablet as an original concept with an amazing design. But, essentially, the Excite Write is a revamp of Toshiba's older Excite Pro - with a pen. If you're considering purchasing this $600 tablet, read this first.

Excite Write Details

Tablets with Stylus pens are meant to ooh and ahh tablet buyers. It's fun to write on a tablet with a pen, and it's even more fun to write on a tablet with a pen that really stands out from the rest. The Excite Write does have a Stylus that's nicely designed and comes with a few different options (more below), but is it enough to justify that $600 price tag?

The Excite Write is really centered around Toshiba's 'TruNote' app. This app is where users can turn writing into notes, draw things, and do stuff like add comments to photos. Once a project has been completed, users can then store those projects in new folders directly inside of TruNote. There's nothing really wrong with TruNote, but the whole app just feels rather 'meh.'

Pen Styles

As mentioned, the Excite Write's pen does come with some additional features. Pen styles include customizable pen thickness, various colors, the choice between pencil or marker, and adjustable transparency options. Taking the Excite Write's pen out for a spin seems like fun, and it's always a blast to write with a Stylus. But, you really have to do all of that writing inside of the TruNote app, and that's where this tablet lacks for me.


The Excite Write looks and sounds promising, but it will take some playing around with the Stylus and overall interface to get the hang of this tablet. Toshiba doesn't really offer much in the way of interface tutorials, so you're on your own when it comes to figuring out how it all works. Once you get to that point, the Excite Write is fun, but I'm not certain it's worth those $600 dollars.

Availability and More On Pricing

The Toshiba Excite Write is currently available through the company's main website. Right now, the list price is $599, which, again, seems very high for this tablet. You do get a camera with the Excite Write, and it does run on Android 4.2.1. But, is it worth $600?

There are so many competing tablets with Stylus' on the current market that it's tough to justify such a high price tag. If you do like the sound of the Excite Write, you should check out this tablet in stores before you purchase one - you know, just to be sure.

Benefits: microSD storage expansion, and the Stylus pen included with this tablet works well (plus, the Excite Write does have a sharp screen.

Drawbacks: First, price. Second, I'm not in love with TruNote. Third, Toshiba didn't include a place to actually store that Stylus, so you might just lose it.

Questions? Comments? Love this pen or hate it? Please leave a note below.