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  • Toshiba 55WX800U Cinema Series 3D LED TV
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The Toshiba 55WX800U 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz Cinema Series 3D LED TV offers a magnitude of features packed in a very thin, yet large TV. The 55WX800U gives audiences Active 3D with a 1080p picture and Audyssey EQ sound enhancement for an ultimate home theater experience.

The Toshiba 55WX800U comes in at an almost unheard of 1.15” thickness. To put that in perspective that is about 2 and a half thumbnails in depth. The 55WX800U is a great TV to be mounted with minimal protrusion. The screen measures in at a diagonal 54.6” over a 50.52” width and 30.36” height. Using the stand on the 55WX800U will add almost 13” in depth and a little over 3” in height. Either way the TV is installed it uses very minimal depth requirements. The weight of the 55WX800U is something else too. Weighing in at just under 60lbs, this TV is not only incredibly light for its size, but helps maintain the wall fatigue when mounted. With the stand installed the 55WX800U only gains 11lbs, which still keeps it a very light TV for a 55” TV. The weight and depth of the 55WX800U is definitely an advantage.

The Toshiba 55WX800U uses a 1080(number of vertical lines used to show the picture) progressive scan (p) LED (light emitting diodes) display. Toshiba’s new ClearScan technology provides a crisp motion picture at an amazing 240Hz. Toshiba has been able to do this by using a double scan of frames. All high definition TVs come with a frame cleaner consisting of a Hertz number. Most of them using 60Hz and the new ones using 120Hz. The 55WX800U has combined efforts to not only scan the picture you are viewing, but the back lights emitting the picture as well. Giving 240Hz of powerful scanning ability to provide viewers with a stutter free picture. The Toshiba 55WX800U also has many built in touch up features to provide stunning picture quality. Toshiba has definitely stepped up their competition with this series of TV.

The 55WX800U is an Active 3D TV. This means that in order to view 3D content you have to have the Toshiba 3D glasses. Unlike many of its competitors the 55WX800U does not come with one standard pair and must be purchased separately. Another downfall of this too is the Toshiba LCD shutter glasses cost a whopping $169. The color and the effect of the Toshiba’s 55WX800U can outweigh the cost factor of this. With the powerful 5th generation PixelPure 5G processor and the incredible 240Hz scanner, the 55WX800U gives off an incredibly sharp and clean picture for beautiful image quality. Why does this matter? With the new shutter glasses the images are alternated between eyes, thus eliminating loss of color and motion stuttering. The higher the frame rates that are given off, the better the 3D. With the 55WX800U power it has the ability to do just this.
The invisible speakers on the Toshiba 55WX800U are run by the Audyssey EQ sound system. When a sound is generated from TV speakers it does not travel in a straight line. The sound will bounce off whatever is in the room before being heard. This can affect the 3D environment and surround sound effect by making sounds heard from where they are not coming from. Toshiba’s Audyssey EQ equilizes the sound to cut out distortion and delivers a clear and correct sound. This nice technology really is something and can be paralleled with Bose technology for there directional sound speakers.

The Toshiba 55WX800U comes well equipped with ports. The only complaint that can be made is the lack of side ports. This minor problem is overshadowed by the IR pass through that makes for easy wall mounting and port access. The Toshiba 55WX800U comes with 4 HMDI (1 side), 1 Colorstream Component, 1 PC, 2 USB, 1 SD Card Reader, 1 Ethernet, 1 Digital Audio, and side AV ports. The Toshiba 55WX800U also comes with InstaPort fast switching HDMI for fast switching between HDMI electronics. One of the new items being offered by Toshiba is a 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection. While this isn’t unheard of in the industry, it has yet to become mainstream. The wireless connection to a router hub will generally (depending on the speed of your modem connection) is enough to watch movies from Netflix, video cast on Skype, watching videos on YouTube etc... This is a nice feature for using less wires for a nicer look. The Toshiba 55WX800U has done very well in the jack and accessories department.

Overall the Toshiba 55WX800U Cinema Series is quite the TV. The price of the unit and the 3D glasses are something left to be desired, however, the quality and performance of this TV seem to outweigh this problem. Compared to other TVs that are in the same class this TV does pack a punch for a home theater LED 3D TV.