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How important is a press page? If you own a business of any kind, letting your clients (and potential clients) know all about your accolades is vital. Showing people that you have gained press (any kind of press, really) builds trust. The problem is that building a decent press page requires a good design team, lots of time spent, and plenty of effort. Sadly, the results of a press page are often lackluster and boring to look at. This, in turn, doesn’t entice new or existing clients.

A new company called Totem exists to change the way that businesses build press pages. Instead of setting up your own press page full of bad links and worse content, Totem will let you build a press page for free. All the press that exists about your company can be added to your Totem press page, and you can then add this page directly to your website. If you are thinking about creating a press page, Totem is one site that you’ll find indispensible.

How Totem Works

When you click the free account button on the Totem website, you will be asked to fill in some basic information. This information includes the name of your company, any social media details you have (Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, Facebook page), and, of course, any existing press. Various other details can be included in your initial Totem sign up. If you miss anything, you can go back to the sign up page at a later time to update your information.

You can also add videos, head shots, team member names, and all kind of other details to your Totem profile. If you have a blog or some content on your site, you can add this information too. The set up process, when tested, is easy to do, and the end result is your very own Totem website full of all your press page details. Totem also offers an upgrade that includes a bunch of customization options (such as adding a Totem widget to your webpage). The price of the upgrade ($99) is relatively reasonable if you consider the costs associated with building a press page form scratch (much more than $99).

Who Needs Totem?

If you own a business, you can’t afford not to have a press page. Further, you can’t afford not to have a press page that’s easy to navigate, looks great, and contains all of that important press information. So, who needs a site like Totem? Well, you do – if you want to attract customers, that is. As mentioned above, setting up a Totem page is easy to do and really doesn’t take much time at all to complete. You can return to the page to add details at a later time, and you can also close your Totem account if the site isn’t working out for you.

As far as new startups got, Totem is one startup that serves a direct business purpose. While Totem has just launched, there’s no doubt that many business owners will find this site both helpful and effective. If you are curious about Totem or want to create your own press page, make sure to check out what {{http://totem.com|Totem}} Totem has to offer.