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Email is something that most of us can’t live without. Yet, sending off emails, organizing that inbox, and making sure that each email is unique is something that’s hard t accomplish. Not to mention the fact that it’s difficult to know whether or not someone has read an email that you sent out. Thanks to a new email app called Tout, all of those email woes can be tamed in no time.

Essentially, Tout app is the answer to your email inbox problems. Whether you want to see if someone read that email you sent or whether you want to set up an email to be sent at a later time, this program does it all. If you need a way to tame your inbox, here’s what you can expect to find when you sign up for Tout.

Organization to the Max

First, you should know that Tout is not another program that you have to use in addition to your current email provider. Tout integrates with various email providers including Gmail. Further, Tout works nicely with Salesforce and other, similar, programs. Setting up Tout guarantees to be quick and painless as does using the program as a whole. Since emailing the same response to a number of people should be quick and painless, Tout provides users with simple templates that will stop you from repeating yourself hundreds of times per day (isn’t that a nice notion?).

Another great Tout feature is the ability to send an email at a later time. Think about sending a delayed Tweet or having someone send out an email for you later in the day – this is how Tout’s delayed emails operate. If you don’t want to send out an email now, simply set the Tout timer for a later time. You can also share your email templates with your team and Tout is also mobile, so you have this great program wherever you go.


Tout comes with a number of different pricing plans. The free (or “Starter”) plan includes the ability to send out seven emails per day, create ten templates, and some other basic things. The “Solo” plan goes for $30 per month, and this plan includes 100 emails per day (in addition to other features). Lastly, Tout offers a “Team” plan for $49 per month, which includes the ability to share templates with up to three team members (other features included as well).
Really, Tout’s pricing is very reasonable. As with any other program, it’s always a good idea to test Tout out prior to purchase, and this is very easy to do thanks to the free program option.

Across the board, Tout has gained a lot of favorable responses from reviewers and clients alike. For all of you who can’t seem to get a handle on those sent and received emails, an email client like Tout is the best possible idea. This way, you can see what you’re sending out, where you’ve sent it, whether or not the recipient has read it, and you can make your life easier by creating email templates too. When it comes to covering your inbox, Tout has everything covered.