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  • New Toy Story: Smash It Game
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It worked for Rovio, so why wouldn’t it work for Disney? Disney Mobile has just released a new Toy Story: Smash It! game. Players take on the role of Buzz Lightyear while trying to throw balloons at aliens that happen to be perched on tall structures. The idea is to knock the aliens off of the structures and earn points. If you were to add a slingshot, replace the aliens with pigs, and turn Buzz into a bird, you’d have Angry Birds. But, Toy Story was here first, so I’ll cut the game some slack.

After taking a look at the game, it’s clear that Disney did put some time into the graphics and overall look of the new game. Buzz is nicely done and those aliens straddle the fence between cute and slightly frightening (it is Disney, so nothing is going to look too frightening).

This game is suitable for teens and tweens, and, of course, parents who need to add another game to their current repertoire. If you love Toy Story, you will probably enjoy the newest addition to the Toy Story lineup. The Disney Mobile ‘Toy Story: Smash It’ game is currently available in the Apple store.

Disney’s Gaming Success

When it comes to recognizable brands, Disney is right up there with Coca-Cola and Nike. Disney has spent years building a brand that people trust. So, it’s no wonder that Disney has enjoyed a lot of success in the mobile gaming market too. The new Toy Story: Smash It game isn’t the first go at a mobile game for Disney. Previously, the company has released a number of other mobile games including the immensely popular Temple Run: Brave. As soon as smartphone owners see the name “Disney” games fly off of virtual store shelves.

The new Toy Story game cashes in on that success by bringing the popular Toy Story game to life. Plus, flinging things at aliens is a good way to pass any amount of time. This game will have four different titles when all is said and done. In addition to those numerous titles, Toy Story: Smash It will include various game levels. When players successfully knock down aliens, a star is given. Eventually, a number of stars lead up to a new unlocked level.

Cost and Other Details

If you happen to be a Toy Story fan, you can purchase the new Disney Mobile game from the Apple Store for $.99. The game will also be available on the iPad and iPod Touch as well as the iPhone. Android fans are in luck too, since the new Toy Story game is also available in the Google Play store. It’s not enough for a game to be put out by a developer like Disney.

Games that enter any mobile store have to be fun to play too. After all, most games now have to compete with Angry Birds, and that’s not easy to do. Thankfully, Disney Mobile has created a game that’s both fun and relatively inexpensive. There are more expensive games in the mobile markets, but why pay more for a game when you can throw things at aliens?

Disney Mobile is perpetually working on new gaming titles, so stay tuned for more games. I’m also willing to bet that you’ll see a number of new Star Wars games surface now that Disney owns Lucasfilms. Hopefully, those games will be fun and entertaining and won’t tread on the many excellent Star Wars memories that true fans of the film have. Then again, you never know – just look at what Michael Bay does to cult classics! In any case, make sure to check out the new Toy Story: Smash It game available for all iOS and Android users now.