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  • Trivia Crack: Where it Came From and What it Is
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There’s a good chance that you’re already playing Trivia Crack, and so are 100 million other people. This trivia game has really grabbed the gaming world in the US, Canada, and Latin America, and has just been released in the UK.

If you aren’t familiar with this game, you might be wondering what it is and why so many people are playing it. Here’s a rundown of Trivia Crack, and why you may want to join the millions downloading the game if you love trivia.


Trivia Crack consists of a series of trivia-based questions that have specific answers. When a new users signs up for the game, they have the chance to play a game of trivia with a friend (through Facebook or by looking up a friend’s handle), or playing with a completely random person. Once a game has been started, questions will pop up after each “spin” of the virtual wheel. Categories including history, pop culture, science, geography, and sports.

Players that answer questions correctly have the chance to win a “crown” (comparable to a piece of pie in the game Trivial Pursuit), and the person to collect all of the crowns first wins the game. Trivia Crack also makes it possible to challenge a group of random people or friends to see who can answer the most questions correctly the fastest.

Questions range from basic questions to more complex questions, and some questions are region-based. Questions are developed by players that can submit questions for approval from the gaming company.

Where It Came From

It seems like Trivia Crack popped up overnight in North America, but the game actually came from an Argentinian gaming company called Etermax. Trivia Max was launched in Argentina in 2013, though developers have just recently adapted the game for English-speaking players.

It’s not entirely clear whether or not Etermax actually expected the game to be so popular, though it does rank amongst the most popular games downloaded, and is right up there with the likes of Angry Birds, and other previously popular games.

How It Makes Money

Trivia Crack is free to download, but that means that you’ll have to endure an advertising pop up after every game, and sometimes it’s not easy to get rid of those ads try as you might. Etermax makes its money from those pop ups, and from people that pay to purchase game “coins,” which allow players to skip questions, get a double shot at a question, and some other advantages. Coins can either be purchased or gathered with each won game.

A premium version of the game that does not include ads can also be purchased for a minimal fee. While this isn’t the first trivia game to make it big, it’s the first one from Etermax. The game is available for free with iOS, Android, and Windows phone. It’s hard to say how long Trivia Max will be able to hang onto it’s millions of players, but games tend to come and go as many past popular games have done so far. Since Trivia Crack has just launched in the UK, it can be assumed that the game will soon launch in other countries, which might expand its lifetime a bit.