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  • President Trump Signs New Cybersecurity Order
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The biggest threat to cybersecurity is outdated systems and software. Today, President Trump has signed a cybersecurity order that will do away with outdated systems used by the US government. This order comes a few days late as Trump promised voters the document would be signed by his 90th day in office (this is his 111th day), but it comes nonetheless.

The new document seeks to protect critical infrastructure, the US public as a whole, and federal networks. So what is Trump doing to protect the US from cybersecurity threats? Moving to the cloud. The new order notes that old technology is too susceptible to hacks, and many security experts across the globe tend to agree.

Moving to the Cloud

The biggest move right now, according to the new presidential order, is to review current cybersecurity policies. Proactive security is the best option, and that’s something that Trump has long noted. Instead of attempting to protect antiquated systems, the new order would look at the current security setup, devise a new plan, and work to secure the systems in a highly-protected cloud.

In 2013, the US Government devised a standard for cybersecurity and technology that all US companies had to abide by. The National Institute of Standard and Technology’s guidelines were put in place and companies that did not comply were fined - but the US Government itself did not follow those guidelines.

Compliance Efforts

Presently, all US agencies (roughly 190) abide by different cybersecurity guidelines. This means that all of those agencies work independently to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Trump’s order would make all of those agencies abide by the same guidelines and work together to ward off attacks.

Another vital aspect of the new order signed by Trump includes a closer look at security when it comes to the US’s infrastructure. Things like electric, healthcare, water, and financial systems are being scrutinized. The Department of Homeland Security will report directly to Trump on the current state and status of these vital departments, according to the new order.

Protecting US Citizens

Here comes the tricky part of the order. The government will be looking into ways to protect US citizens that use the Internet. This will be done with the help of private security teams. Homeland Security advisor, Bossert, noted that, ‘We need to establish the rules of the road for proper behavior on the internet, then deter those who don't abide by the rules.’

What those rules are or how they will be enforced has yet to be noted. If US Government systems move to the cloud, successfully devise proactive security measures for every government department (in addition to zero-day plans), and work towards protected citizens using the private business manpower that already exists, the US might be better able to defend itself from cyberattacks. That is the hope, at least.

The new order was issued today and will be put into place immediately. This is one of the biggest steps towards cybersecurity in the past few years, and it’s one that President Trump promised voters during his campaign days.