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  • Tumblr Might Be Hiding Your Blog
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So, remember when Tumblr stated that the site wouldn't be hiding any adult content? Or, when the site said that it would continue to host adult content with penalty? Well, that wasn't entirely true. You see, Tumblr boldly stated (in the face of other networks that are getting rid of adult content) that no Tumblr user posting adult content would be punished.

Well, not directly, anyway. Today, I've learned that Tumblr is, indeed, making changes to adult content posted on its site. Tumblr didn't ban adult content or prevent uploading adult photos, but the site is making that content a lot harder to find.

Hide and Seek

It used to be that searching for adult content on Tumblr was simple. Essentially, blogs that contain adult content will not show up in searches, through mobile searches, or in tagged content. So, if you currently run a Tumblr blog that includes adult content, be aware that your blog won't show up in searches anymore. Whoa, Tumblr, how about a warning!?

Tumblr quietly began hiding adult sites this past week, and the hiding game continues now. For the most part, these changes won't impact anyone that has a Tumblr blog, unless that blog is deemed to include adult content (you may want to check and see what your blog is tagged as). What happens if you follow an adult blog? Not much. You'll still see those blogs appear as long as you aren't operating in safe mode.

Uproar From Tumblr Community

When a company like Tumblr, that relies on users, makes significant changes, it's a good idea for that company to let said users know of these changes. Well, Tumblr didn't let anyone know. Instead of coming out with the changes and warning people (so that some people had time to change blog content around), the site went ahead and hid a ton of blogs. As you might imagine, this didn't bode well with lots of Tumblr users.

Most of these users are mad at the fact that their blogs will no longer show up via mobile search. Tumblr has hid any blogs that have adult content and used to show up in mobile, and this really leaves a bad taste in Tumblr user mouths. Even more shocking to some: searchers for 'gay' or 'bisexual' will no longer appear in search terms. Those are some sticky waters, Tumblr.

Where Users Will Turn

It's tough to see where Tumblr users will go if they decide to get rid of blogs completely. Most other blogging sites are implementing similar adult content rules, and some are banning this type of content altogether. It's a rock and hard place for some bloggers.

From Tumblr's perspective, it makes sense to get rid of adult content - simply because advertisers don't want to be associated with this type of content. But, the site should have been upfront about these changes to begin with, instead of stating that nothing would change. If you currently have a Tumblr blog, what do you think of these changes?