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  • How to Create Great Sponsored Posts on Tumblr
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Tumblr has always been a niche blogging platform. While most people aiming to set up blogs naturally gravitate towards other platforms, some have sought out what Tumblr has to offer. Now that Yahoo has acquired the Tumbler sphere, companies have a chance to create sponsored posts - and many are making great use of this chance.

Aside from the obvious purpose of gaining new customers, creating sponsored posts means a chance at really strutting your company stuff. If you're considering posting some sponsored ads on Tumblr, you'll have to make sure that you match up. Here are some tips on creating amazing Tumblr posts that people actually want to share.

Tell A Clear Story

You know those boring old marketing materials you have sent out to every magazine or potential client? Yeah, don't use those on Tumblr. This is a new kind of blog with a new kind of corporate culture. Take a cue from companies like Capital One by posting photographs that showcase your intent, but don't openly scream "buy me!"

Post Photographs

Numerous studies have shown that Tumblr users prefer to look at photographs over any other type of content. If you want your sponsored ads to be shared across the Internet, including lots of colorful photos in those posts is the way to go. You can also try to create some Infographics and even videos.

Stand Out (In A Good Way)

Tumblr sponsored posts don't have to be stagnant. Your posts can rotate, move, shake, flip, and do anything else that you can imagine. Why create a static sponsored post like all the other posts you'd see on Facebook or LinkedIn? Find a way to create ads that really pop - this is the best way to gain attention.

Consider What's Popular

Think about the type of content that currently moves throughout the Internet. You don't see regular ads being shared on social networks and emailed to friends, right? So, why would you create a sponsored post that won't become popular, and that isn't likely to be shared? It just doesn't make any sense. Follow in the footsteps of all those popular memes, blogs, and quotes you see regularly, but take it to the next level to really catch Tumblr user attention.

Sponsored Post Costs

Now that you know how to create a catchy sponsored post on Tumblr (hopefully), you may be wondering just how much all of this will cost. Well, you'll have to have a big advertising budget to post an ad on Tumblr. The site is currently selling ad space for $25k a pop. That's a lot of dough, so make sure your ad is eye-catching. Comparatively, though, Twitter sells ad space for $15k per post, so Tumblr is just a bit over that mark.

Is this way out of your budget? Fear not, there are other ways to market your business. You can simply create a really catchy blog on Tumblr, or you can look elsewhere. It's debatable whether or not Tumblr traffic is really worth that kind of ad investment. What do you think?