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Finding a private tutor can be tough. There are a few options to select from when looking for a tutor. You can put a note on a public bulletin board, try your hand at Craig’s List, or ask around for referrals. The other option is to head to a tutoring center in your area, but this is often a pricey choice. Instead of settling for someone who’s mediocre or paying through the nose, now there’s TutorSpree. TutorSpree is a website that connects people who need tutoring help with a professional tutor or someone who specializes in a particular subject.

Using TutorSpree is merely a matter of heading to the website (tutorspree.com), typing in your location or area code, and seeing the tutors that match your query. Once you hit that “search” button, a few tutors who are in your area will show up. You can then view the profiles for these people, look at each person’s hourly rate, and decide who you want to hire. The whole process is simple and user-friendly. If you’re curious about how TutorSpree works, here’s a quick rundown of the site setup.

Choosing a Tutor

Once you’ve entered your location details, you’ll notice that some tutor profiles pop up. Clicking on one of these profiles will bring you to that tutor’s homepage. You will see what a tutor specializes in, what that tutor’s hourly rate is, and you can even send a tutor a quick note if you have any questions.

If you just want to book a session, you can do so by hitting the “book” button. All payments are made directly between you and your tutor. If you’re wondering whether or not the people who bill themselves as tutors on this site are experienced, it’s a good idea to send someone a note and pay attention to a tutor’s profile (if words are misspelled and punctuation is off, you might want to think twice).

Becoming a Tutor

If you want to become a tutor, simply visit the TutorSpree site, and select the “become a tutor” option. From there, you can build your profile, list your specialties, and set your hourly rate. It’s important that you list competitive rates, but keep in mind that most people don’t want to pay too much for a private tutor. If you want some idea of what to charge, simply look around the site. Keep in mind that tutors in different areas may charge more than others. You may also want to charge according to your experience level or specialty.

TutorSpree claims that some of the tutors on this site make thousands per month. This could be true if you happen to be a highly specialized tutor or if you offer tutoring services in an area that doesn’t already have lots of tutors available. Since word about this site is just starting to spread, you may be able to “get in on the ground floor.” If you have some skills, make sure to check out this site – you may just find that perfect part-time job.