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  • Updated TweetDeck Vs. HootSuite Pro
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After an update for Chrome, Windows, and web apps, TweetDeck 3 is now available for Mac. The new version of TweetDeck includes some slight redesigns, a new navigation bar, a translation feature, and a feature that lets users read the bios of followers in a quick and concise manner.

The app is available as a free download for Mac through the app store. If you're new to social media or are wondering about the various social media platforms, you've probably come across the main two available: TweetDeck and Hootsuite. Here's a guide to choosing between the two.

Why TweetDeck Is So Popular

To be completely honest, TweetDeck is popular because it is the easiest to navigate. With a slew of updates over the past few years, TweetDeck has become even better than it used to be, and offers users far more customization options that most other platforms in its class. Now that TweetDeck is available for Mac, the platform is more accessible than before.

HootSuite Also Has A Following

Back when Twitter started up, HootSuite was the top dog. Today, HootSuite still enjoys a number of users that swear by the service. HootSuite does come with its share of perks, but this service is also slightly limited.

Comparing Costs

TweetDeck is completely free to use for everyone. HootSuite comes with two versions: one free option and one paid option. HootSuite's Pro version will set you back $9.99 per month. The Pro version comes with a number of additional features (Facebook integration, RSS options, and more) that you can check out with the Pro 30-day trial option. Both services offer the same basic free features.


Here's where TweetDeck really shines. TweetDeck is designed in columns that are easy and simple to look at. At first glance, it's not hard to figure out how to use TweetDeck. The same can't be said for HootSuite. First timers will find HootSuite's interface jammed and crammed with too much information. You can navigate HootSuite after a few tries, but it's nowhere near as user-friendly as TweetDeck.

Account Differences

If you're running more than one social media account, you will need to be able to update all of those accounts regularly. Both TweetDeck and HootSuite allow you to update multiple accounts quite simply. The main difference between the two (where accounts is concerned) is that HootSuite lets you create multiple users for multiple accounts - you can't create multiple users with TweetDeck.

Which One To Choose?

In the end, TweetDeck wins out when it comes to a free social media organization platform. TweetDeck is just easier to use than HootSuite if you are going to go the free route. If you want to pay for HootSuite, this service's paid features are definitely worth the cash if you are running a business or are a social media expert.

For the average social media user, TweetDeck will work perfectly. For those that require something extra, HootSuite is the way to go. Got a better suggestion? Don't like either one? Sound off below!