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  • TweepsMap: Track Your Twitter Followers
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Twitter is a funny social media tool. Most people know that Twitter helps spread the word about a product or company. Twitter is also a great way to let the world know about a new promotion, and simply to gain a stronger Internet presence. Yet, when it comes to measuring how Twitter works and whether or not Twitter is successful, there seems to be a shortage of measurement tools.

A new website called TweepsMap may just change the way that you use Twitter. This site pinpoints your Twitter users on a map, so that you know what parts of the world to target. If you have a lot of followers in England, you’ll find out by using this site. If you are targeting followers in Colorado and you have successfully done so, this will become evident as well. Sound like a true gem of a site? Here’s how TweepsMap works.

Using TweepsMap

After visiting the tweepsmap.com website, you will be asked to allow TweepsMap to connect to your Twitter account (the usual permissions must be adhered to). Once that’s done, TweepsMap will take a few moments to map out your current Twitter followers. The site will pull up a map of the world, and it will provide you with follower percentages. You can categorize these percentages according to state/province, city, or country.

If you so choose, you can then tweet the findings to your followers (I suggest looking over the automated tweet before you send it out, since TweepsMap listed New York as a country when tested). You can also set up TweepsMap in list form, which comes with a handy color-coded pie chart too. So, what can you do with this information once you’ve gathered it? Why, marketing, of course.

Target Your Market Efficiently

If you want to target a specific state, but TweepsMap clearly shows that you are not targeting that state, you can make every effort to work on your ad campaign. Of course, you will have to keep in mind that some states are just larger than others, so these states are bound to be filled with more followers than other states (California, for example).

Alternately, you can begin targeting people in the states that do follow your account closely. If you have found that lots of people from New Hampshire follow your Twitter account, why not set up an ad campaign that directly targets people in New Hampshire? Local is always a good starting point, but you may discover that you have fans across the world you never even knew about.

Simple and Efficient

TweepsMap is both simple and efficient. There’s nothing fancy about the TweepsMap website, but it certainly gets the job done quickly. You can set up a TweepsMap widget for your site, send out a notification to your Twitter followers, or let people on Facebook know who’s following you. This is a handy tool that can be used in a number of different ways, and it’s also a tool that no social media person should overlook.