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What’s red, blue, yellow, and has tweets all over? Why, Twitter, of course! Well, Twitter would look this way if you use Twimbow to control all of your tweets. There are a number of different Twitter platforms available. You can choose from the friendly owl over at Hootsuite to the hardcore stylings of Tweetdeck.

Or, you can choose a very different route.
The folks over at Twimbow have created a way for you to color-coordinate your tweets. Every color of the rainbow is available through Twimbow. You can even create custom colors for different Tweeps. Confused? Let’s break Twimbow down a bit more.

Who’s It For?

Twimbow, it seems, is for the obsessive-compulsive inside all of us. Or, it may be for those who simply want to make sense of tweets. If you tweet for others, or have multiple Twitter accounts, you may have noted how tough it is to keep track of thousands of tweets per minute. Streaming tweets seems to fly in and out of Twitter on the fast-track.

If you don’t set up Twitter lists or use hashtags, keeping tracking of tweets can cause your head to spin. Even when using these tactics, Twitter proves to be tough to take. That’s where Twimbow comes into play. Twimbow makes it simple to view what you want to view once you have learned to watch for certain colors.

How Does it Work?

The premise behind Twimbow is simple. Choose a different color for different Twitter categories. For example, you may decide to color business related tweets blue. As soon as you find the right shade of blue, all business tweets from that point onwards will be blue. You can then go on to create yellow, red, orange, green, and various tweets of other colors.

Seemingly, Twimbow will work best for those people who are used to color coordination. But, it is possible to become used to working with color categories. In fact, during its beta testing, Twimbow users became very familiar with different colors. Colors can keep your tweets organized, which will leave more time for you to scan your Twitter feed, respond, and move on with your life.

One Slight Issue

As much fun as colors are, it is possible to become overwhelmed with color. Here are R-TT, we are going to caution you against selecting more than six different colors. If you set up a color for every person you follow, you will find yourself smack in the middle of a confusing Twitter rainbow.

Stick to the primary colors, and you’ll find that Twimbow can be helpful. As far as the actual interface of Twimbow goes, the feed looks a lot like Tweetdeck, which may be intimidating for some users who are used to softer interfaces such as the one that can be seen over at Hootsuite.

Do you need Twimbow? If you have to follow thousands of daily tweets, Twimbow can make your life easier. Just make sure to take our advice, and stick to a handful of different colors.