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Twitter is a powerful networking tool. It’s a wonder that more companies and individuals do not use this free service. Gaining friends on Twitter only takes time, and building a respectable presence is really a matter of spending time networking. In short, Twitter can be time-consuming, but there are ways to make your Twitter account easier to manage.

One of those ways is to sync your account with Formulists. Formulists is a relatively new service that will whip your Twitter account into shape in no time. By automatically creating lists set to your specific criteria (no manual list making here!), Formulists can build your networking lists, find friends for you, and stream tweets to your liking.

How It Works

First things first: you must log into your Twitter account through the Formulists website (www.formulists.com). Then, you will be asked to group Tweeps according to different criteria. The options include location, who follows you, who you mention most, experts worth meeting, and a few others. Let’s say, for example, you choose the experts worth meeting category.

You can then further narrow this list by finding people like you, people who are starts in your community, and a variety of other options. You then name your list, and click “add list.” Viola! Your new list has been created…now what? Well, now you make more lists of check out the list you have just created.

Upgrade Information

You knew that Formulists sounded too good to be true, didn’t you? Well, we had out doubts. After creating two lists, you will be asked to upgrade to Formulists Pro for $2.99 per month. Now, this rate isn’t too much to pay for a service that works. But, Formulists has only been around for a little while now. So, is the $2.99 monthly fee worth the price?

Well, that depends on how you view it. Setting up two basic lists will provide you with information such as who your top tweeps are, who you should be following, and where people are located. If you upgrade to the pro version, you can create lists according to your criteria. This may be helpful if you follow a lot of people, and you want to create a number of different lists. At $2.99 per month, you’ll wind up paying a tax-deductible $36 per year for Formulists.

Who Needs Formulists?

If you tweet for a company or two, you may require the use of Formulists. If not, you probably don’t need to pay $36 per year for this service. Our suggestion is that you head to the Formulists website, create your two lists, and see whether or not this service will work for you. After giving the site an extensive review, we have found that Formulists can be helpful, but not more helpful than any free Twitter cleaning or organizing tool.

How about the pro version of Formulists? Well, we didn’t give that a try…yet. There are lots of other Twitter organization tools out there that may prove to be better that Formulists. Keep reading our R-TT blog to see more reviews, or let us know if you are wondering about a particular Twitter tool. We’ll check it out, get the details, and review it for you.