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  • Live Tweets Will Now Show Up in Google Searches
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Tweets will now show up in Google searches thanks to a deal Google and Twitter have recently struck. This means that all those 140 character tweets you send out will now show up when someone uses Google to search if your tweet is relevant.

Before this agreement, Google had to crawl Twitter in order to gather those tweets, but now Google will have direct access to Twitter’s tweet feed, which means that tweets will show up automatically in any Google search.

Quick Information

Right now, you may find a Twitter profile when you conduct a Google search, but that’s all you’ll see. As soon as Google starts accessing Twitter directly, live tweets will begin to appear in Google search results. Currently, Twitter has more than 200 million users, so that’s a lot of tweets that could potentially show up in Google search results. Reportedly, Google engineers are already working on accessing Twitter’s main feed, so you should see those live search results relatively soon.

Why has Twitter decided to team up with Google? The company hasn’t had as much success with growth results as Facebook’s main site or Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook. Presently, Twitter is trying to show investors that the site can grow and that revenue can be generated through the site when it gains more users.

A Familiar Deal

If the new Twitter and Google deal sounds familiar to you, that’s because it kind of is. Twitter and Google struck a similar deal before Google created Google Plus, but the deal fell through. At that time, Google execs assumed that G+ could create just as many active social media updates as Twitter, so the company dropped the Twitter deal. Not that it’s clear that Google Plus is not going to overtake Twitter, the company wants to work with Twitter once again.

Right now, both Twitter and Google need the extra attention in order to snag more users (Twitter more so). At present, Twitter provides data to both Bing and Yahoo as well, so Google is the logical next step. What does this mean for Twitter users? It could mean that you have to be a lot more careful about what you tweet, or think strategically when it comes to tweets.

The Importance of a Good Tweet

This new deal also sheds light on the importance of hiring the right person to handle company Twitter accounts. With the new search information comes the fact that people looking for details about a new company will see live tweets, and those have to reflect company values in order to attract customers. So, it’s not just Twitter and Google that can benefit from gaining new customers through the deal, it’s any company or person looking to gain additional attention as well.

There’s no word yet whether or not you’ll be able to control the tweets included in Google, but that doesn’t seem likely at the time being. In other words, watch what you tweet - it will soon wind up in a Google search. Twitter is expected to announce a timeline for the new project this week.