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  • Twitter IPO Details
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Yesterday, Twitter filed for an IPO with the SEC. This is a big deal for the social network that was once a very small company. The company is valued around $10 billion, and money generated through the IPO will be used to help Twitter develop the site, create more projects, and move forward with new social ideas.

Since Twitter falls into the 'under $1 Billion' category, the company does not have to make public the details of the IPO filing. This law was put into effect with the JOBS Act, and it's the one thing keeping the press from tapping into the exact details of Twitter's newest move. However, the company will have to go public with all details within three weeks of marketing the IPO.

What's Known Right Now

So far, what we know is that Twitter has, indeed, filed; the social network will be one of the biggest Internet companies to file; and that Twitter stock will be traded on the New York Stock Exchange with Goldman Sachs as the underwriter for the company. With the taste of Facebook's botched IPO still resting in investor mouths, Twitter is one company that will be closely watched as it goes public.

Of course, Twitter will have to prove that the company can make some decent markets in order to attract investors. But, Twitter isn't Facebook, and Twitter is in a better position to take advantage of mobile usage. Twitter has to show investors that the social network's advertising opportunities is where the money will be at, and it seems like the company is well poised to make this point already.

What You Can Expect

Twitter will certainly take any dollars gained through the IPO to help grow the network. Many companies are already using Twitter, and this will help the network plead its IPO case. With a nice shot of dollar support, Twitter could become a quickly growing company worthy of investing in. Yet, as stated, investors are still somewhat wary of social networks thanks to Facebook.

Will Twitter prove that a social network can generate revenue, be profitable, and be worth investing in? We will see soon enough. You can expect to hear a lot more from Twitter in the coming weeks, and all of that public IPO information will pop up just as soon as the company is ready to roll out marketing plans.

Investors Take Note

If you are the type that likes to gamble on social networks, Twitter is the next to go in the IPO pipeline. You can keep an eye on what the company is doing right here, or by checking - what else - the official Twitter account regularly. Twitter originally announced the IPO move on Twitter, and the news has already generated a lot of buzz.

Will Twitter stock be worth the high initial investment? It all depends on how the company plans to make profits. Will you invest? Should you invest? That depends on how much faith you have in the social network.