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  • Twitter's MagicRecs Is Marketing Magic
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Twitter will soon send out push notifications to certain Twitter users through its popular MagicRecs account. In case you're not familiar with MagicRecs, this Twitter account is actually an "experiment" that's testing out the concept of sending personalized push notifications to Twitter followers - here are some more details.

What MagicRecs Does

Essentially, MagicRecs sends out personalized Twitter content based on the people that a user follows. MagicRecs will also send you Tweets from people that a group of other followers follows. Here's a better explanation: let's say that you follow a friend's new startup. MagiRecs will now send you information about the Tweets coming from that startup, and also stuff like who is now following that startup.

The idea is to provide you with customized Twitter notifications that are sent directly to your phone through the Twitter app (iOS and Android). If you follow interesting people, you'll get these notifications right away, and you'll also get any notifications that relate to those interesting people (especially if other people you know follow the same person). If it all sounds kind of secret and slightly confusing, that's because it is.

Twitter's Purposeful Silence

Twitter's MagicRecs account is something of a secret right now. Twitter didn't make any big announcement when the app was created, and few people actually knew about it. But, that didn't stop thousands of people from following the account. Now that you know about MagicRecs too, you can follow the account via Twitter.

Again, you do have to have the Twitter app on your phone to receive the push notifications. Twitter has stated that the company will only send out three updates per day, so your phone won't be bombarded with new Tweets, but the notifications that are sent will be purposeful and useful.

Why Follow MagicRecs?

Instead of spending time rifling through people you may want to follow on Twitter, MagicRecs aims to do this work for you. The app makes recommendations, you choose to follow or not follow, and you get a ton of details in the process (including updates about photos and Vines, presumably). Again, this is all one large Twitter experiment, but it's already gaining a lot of traction.

Today, Twitter has unveiled MagicRecs to the public, officially, so you can follow the account to get recs right away. Twitter is conservative when it comes to push notifications, though, so you won't get a ton of updates every day (two or three, really). This Twitter account might be useful to many, but some are already annoyed with the notifications. It seems as though Twitter is letting people opt out of the MagicRecs account this morning, though some people never opted to follow the account in the first place.

Where to Find MagicRecs

Finding MagicRecs is simple: just go to your Twitter homepage, type in the MagicRecs name, and click the follow tab. Twitter should start sending out notifications to your phone as soon as you start following the account. Questions? Comments? Let me know what you think of MagicRecs below.