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Twitter is about to release an iOS app called "Twitter Music," according to various sources. The app would allow both Twitter users and non-Twitter users to find new music, see what other users are listening to, and see what music is popular around the globe. The app would be a standalone app unique from the current iOS Twitter app.

The best thing about the upcoming app is that you don't have to have a Twitter account to use it. Of course, you'll probably want a Twitter account once you use it, but that's another story altogether.

The really important thing to note here is that a lot of networks and companies are increasingly moving towards music discovery and streaming services.

No Mention of MySpace?

Nearly every technology blog on the planet mentions the fact that Facebook and Tumblr are moving towards music apps and streams. Other blogs mention the fact that Google and Apple are reportedly heading in the music direction as well. But, few sites mention MySpace.

You know, that music discovery site that was launched largely by Justin Timberlake some time ago? MySpace is a complete music discovery web service that got great results, and other companies seem to be following suit.

The fact is that it's tough to discover new music these days. Gone are the days of the record shop. In its place are radio station that play the same tunes over and over again, and sites like YouTube (also working on streaming capabilities) that offer up the same old music. So, music discovery apps and services will become increasingly popular.

No Confirmation Yet

Thus far, Twitter has not made an official comment in regards to the new iOS app. However, sources and tips like this one tend to be correct. It would also make sense for Twitter to jump on the music bandwagon, since there's lots of space for new music discovery apps right now. Since Twitter hasn't officially commented, it's impossible to say what this app will include beyond the discovery options listed above.

Presumably, this app will be free. Will the Twitter app appear in the Google Play store as well? Most likely; but before we get into the "I won't use it if it's just on iOS debate," it pays to remember that companies have to pick one platform to develop and app for first, then learn another platform, and then develop for that platform. In short, it takes awhile to reach all the popular platforms. For now, the app is rumoured to be arriving just for iOS, but that could also be simply a rumour.

If Twitter does launch a music app, will you use it? It might be interesting to see what other Twitter users are listening to. Then again, this app could lead music lovers in the wrong direction if Twitter tries to skew music in one direction or another for the sake of advertisements. Hopefully, this won't be the case, and the new Twitter app will simply be a great way to discover new tunes. I'll keep you posted.