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  • Twitter Has Been Hacked! Do This Now!
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Twitter sent out an email blast a few days ago. This blast may have made some Twitter accounts susceptible to hacks. As a result, some Twitter users may not be able to sign into accounts this morning. Or, Twitter may tell you that your password has been compromised, and that it is necessary to reset your password. It’s always shocking when a social network offers up news of a hack, but Twitter is far from being the first social network to come under attack these days. Recently LinkedIn, Dropbox, and various other sites have had some serious email issues.

While social networks feel safe enough, these sites are just like any other site. As such, the same rules that apply to other websites should and must apply to your Twitter account. The most obvious privacy rule is this: don’t use the same password for all of your accounts – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your email account. I know, it’s tough to remember all those passwords, but there are plenty of password keepers that can do the job for you (just make sure the one you choose is secure). Additionally, you can take a few additional steps to make sure that your Twitter account is forever safe from hackers.

Watch Out For Third Parties

Did a new app just come out? One that you are absolutely dying to use? If you download that app quickly without reading all the privacy and permission legal speak, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. All of the third party apps that you grant full permission to have access to all of your account information. This includes your Twitter password and email details. Not sure which apps have permission to access your Twitter details? Here’s how to find out:

Head to your Twitter profile. Click on the “Account Settings” tab, and then click on the “Apps” tab. From there, you should see a list of apps that have access to your account. To disable an app or revoke access, select the “Revoke Access” option that’s next to each app. Revoking app access will prevent select apps from accessing your Twitter details. This step is really quite simple, but it is a step that will save you a lot of headache and heartache when it comes to Twitter hacks.

Now, Change Your Password

Even if your Twitter account hasn’t been compromised, it’s a good idea to change your password now anyway. As a precautionary measure, changing your password before hackers can access your account is never a bad idea. Simply log into your Twitter account, click on the “Account Settings” tab, and change your password – make sure you choose one that is not used anywhere else!

Lastly, don’t click on strange links. This tip has been written time and again, yet people still click on odd links. If someone sends you a message asking you to look at a link (and that message doesn’t seem logical), don’t click on that link. Really, protecting your social media accounts isn’t too difficult, but you do have to take the right steps. As of this writing, Twitter is working on fixing the current hack problem. If your account has been compromised, make sure to change your password and Twitter email quickly.